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January 25 2020

We have fixed the licensing issue with mail server.

Please download v1.2.4.0, and follow upgrade instructions.

When uninstalling the previous version, you may see the warning, that you will be unable to install new version, because your support has expired. Please ignore the warning, new version WILL install.

We apologize for inconvenience.

December 4 2019

We have a new release of mail server (

See our List of Changes for details.

September 12 2019

We have a new release of mail server (

See our List of Changes for details.

September 2 2019

We urgently released new version Because of coding error, users were getting an error This server was built after your support expiry date....

Please download the latest release, and install it following usual upgrade instructions.

When uninstalling previous version, you may see a warning, that after September 1 2019 you will be unable to install new version if your support expired before that date. Still, uninstall it. New cutoff date has been changed to January 24 2020. You will be still able to install this new release.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

July 14 2019

Version of mail server contains a significant change: Mail and Web Interface related services have been separated into two services.

It is done because Web Interface, in the nearest future, will be also used for server maintenance, and in some cases, we may need to manipulate mail related services (including stopping and starting), and we should be keeping the part of service still running, when other ones are stopped.

Now, when viewing from Service Control Manager, you will see two ArGoSoft services, instead of one:


Now there are two executables, containing the service code. We had just AGMSService.exe before, we have Argosoft.Service.Mail.exe and Argosoft.Service.Web.exe now.

IMPORTANT: if you were using AGMSService.exe in your windows firewall as a trusted application, please delete it, and add similar rules for Argosoft.Service.Mail.exe and Argosoft.Service.Web.exe. Files are located in the root of your server installation (Program Files|Program Files (x64)\ArGo Software Design\ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET). If you are using trusted ports, then there will be no change.

Other changes:

Download the latetst version at our Downloads page.

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