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Welcome to the home of ArGoSoft Mail Server! Here is a brief list of its features:

  • Full support of SMTP/ESMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols, and complete direct delivery service via MX records, or smart server;
  • Unlimited users and domains;
  • SMTP extensions SIZE, DSN, VRFY, ETRN and more...
  • IMAP extensions: IMAP4rev1, IDLE, UIDLPLUS, and our unique extension X-ARGOSOUNDEX, which is used by our Sonus Mail Google Assistant™ agent;
  • Full support of TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 on regular ports (via STARTLS/STLS), or "implicit" secure ports for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP, plus mail relay via secure SMTP;
  • Archiver - completely transparent archiving of all messages that go through server (either locally, or by delivering to remote SMTP server);
  • Shared Folders - accessible via IMAP;
  • Support of SpamAssassin, well known and well tested anti spam project, maintained by Apache;
  • Native support of anti spam and security features, such as:
    • SMTP Authentication;
    • POP/IMAP Before SMTP;
    • Trusted Hosts;
    • Banned Hosts;
    • Text and Attachment Filters;
    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF);
    • DKIM;
    • Greylisting;
    • Reverse PTR Record tracking;
    • DNS Based Spam Databases (DNSBL);
    • Sender Address Verification;
    • Automatic Lockout of connections with suspicious activity;
    • Filtering based on Geographic Location (IP to Location);
  • Delivery Status Notification (DSN) ESMTP extension;
  • Secondary SMTP connection (meaning, your users can still access your mail server for sending mail out, even if their ISP blocks port 25);
  • IDLE command is supported in IMAP, allowing most of email clients, to notify users about new arriving emails immediately. The feature is also known as IMAP PUSH;
  • Mailbag domains, with support of ETRN (see SMTP extensions above);
  • Quick Setup wizard to get you started with the server configuration;
  • Bind to specified IP addresses, depending on the domain group, and act as a true "virtual" server;
  • Allows to configure maximum message size that go through the server, limits of mailbox sizes for users and domains, and the number of allowed sent messages per user;

The server is written in .NET, and contains 100% managed code, which makes it more reliable, efficient and fast.

It runs on any Windows server, which has .NET 4.5 or later.

By default, server uses SQLite database engine, but for heavier loads, we recommend to use Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Server Express. Database engine can be converted with single mouse click in the Mail Server UI.

Server is constantly updated. Check our List of Changes regularly.

Feel free to evaluate the server 30 days. It will be issued by our validation server when it first runs. Download it now.

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