List of Changes for Mail Server

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December 19 2022, v2.0.4.0

  • Fixed an issue with attachments on the Web Interface.

July 28 2022, v2.0.4.0

  • Optimized SMTP connections, and fixed a bug in IMAP connections.

July 05 2022, v2.0.3.0

  • Fixed problems with POP3 connections;
  • Fixed issues with using remote SQL server;

June 09 2022, v2.0.2.0

  • Now DKIM checking for incoming messages honors signatures, which are done "on behalf" of other domains;
  • Fixed issues which would potentially cause high CPU usage in case of data corruption;

April 17 2022, v2.0.1.0

  • Fixed problems with retrieving statistics to the UI;
  • Fixed a problem with checking SPF records, containing IPv6 addresses;
  • Added a feature to export server settings into Linux/Docker version, which is coming soon.

March 18 2022, v2.0.0.0

Preparing the release the version which will work on Linux. It required pretty significant changes.

This version requires .NET Framework 4.8 runtime/

  • POP before SMTP and Trusted senders options are no longer available, because they are against modern security guidelines;
  • Remoting interface has been removed. We will be replacing it with new RESTful API;
  • Added support of TLS 1.3. Please note, that TLS 1.3 is not yet available on any Windows, but when it is out, it will work with the current version of the server;
  • Multiple "behind of scenes" changes in the code to make the server more "responsive". Applies both to the service part and the User Interface

September 2 2021, v1.4.0.0

  • Now problems, caused by AbuseIPDB being down are handled properly (further fixes);
  • DKIM has moved out from the Anti-Spam box. Now any domain can be added to the list of domains, and if mail originates from them (FROM header), the server will append DKIM signatures;
  • Ensured that the server will not generate duplicate Message-IDs. It was the case when messages coming in within very small intervals;
  • Improved handling of 7-bit encoded messages. Message bodies were getting corrupted when retrieving through POP3;

July 30 2021, v1.3.9.0

  • Now problems, caused by AbuseIPDB being down are handled properly;
  • Fixed certain UI issues, when adding domains to the server;
  • Fixed error handling, when setting up DKIM for mailbag and selector is not specified;
  • Fixed Index out of Range error when received message contained empty body;
  • Services Settings box are now more consistent with each other (no longer using Disable checkbox, replaced with Enable).

July 17 2021, v1.3.8.0

Now the server fully supports IPv6!

  • Added IPv6 support to primary SMTP. Banned and trusted IP addresses now will accept IPv6 entries. DNSBL and SPF will work with IPv6 addresses;
  • Now delivery can be performed using IPv6 connections;
  • Fixed DKIM signature issues with simple/simple canonicalization method (the bug was introduced in, sorry);
  • Improved error handling. Now, "More than one error has occurred" messages will be followed by a more detailed explanation, if available;
  • Added IPv6 support to Recommendations;
  • Added DKIM to Mailbag domains. In case a mailbag server is used to send mail out from mailbag domains, messages will be signed.

July 05 2021, v1.3.7.0

  • If an incoming message contains multiple DKIM signatures from a domain, referred to in the FROM header, one with the "best result" will be taken into account;
  • Now the server security can be tightened even more. Added two more options at Settings - Services dialog box:
    • SMTP - Common section, Accept mail ONLY if a connection is secure. If enabled, the DATA SMTP command will be accepted only if a connection is secure;
    • Delivery section, Deliver mail ONLY if a connection is secure. If enabled, and receiving mail exchanger does not support STARTTLS, or if a secure connection fails, mail will be bounced to sender;
    Note, that those options should be used with caution, only when security is a high priority. If they are used unnecessarily, some emails may be lost;
  • Added DMARC to Recommendations (Tools - Recommendations), also the way of generating recommendations has been optimized.

June 08 2021, v1.3.6.0

  • Added support of DMARC. See more about the implementation here.
  • Removed checking of email addresses with sending servers, as outdated (Anti-Spam - Address Verification - Verify Addresses with Sender Domains). It still can be enabled. Check Mail Server FAQ or Contact us, if you want it back;
  • Added a no-reply attribute to user accounts. If it is set, the server will reject all arriving mail to the account;
  • Slightly improved log viewer.

May 20 2021, v1.3.5.0

  • Fixed an issue with DKIM body hash calculations when messages contained lines starting with a single period;
  • If SMTP connection is authenticated, SPF checking will be not performed;
  • Fixed problems with viewing large log files.

April 24 2021, v1.3.4.0

  • Significantly improved Web Interface;
    • Now supporting multiple TO, CC and BCC recipients;
    • Simplified Delete operation;
    • Added Reply to All;
    • Messages may be flagged with single click;
    • Added Archive operation;
    • More changes, including extended use of AJAX;
  • Fixed problems caused by a period in the first position of line in email messages (rfc 2821, Section 4.5.2);
  • Fixed an issue with service dependencies for SQL installations.

April 2 2021, v1.3.3.0

  • Added Contacts to Web Interface;
  • Some improvements and optimizations on Web Interface;
  • Adding unindexed (orphaned) .eml files now can be performed for entire server. Before it was possible only folder by folder.

March 10 2021, v1.3.2.0

  • Added Calendar. It is served through web interface. See more here;
  • Added SAVEDATE IMAP extension (rfc 8514);
  • Improved Log Viewer (Logs - View Log). Now lines can be filtered. It makes it easier to folow single connection. Also, IP addresses can be highlighted in the log and sent straight to Banned Hosts, Trusted Hosts or Auto Lockout databases;
  • Fixed an issue with Distribution Lists. They were case sensitive, and certain features were not working properly, if catch-all account was specified.
  • AbuseIPDb Blacklists Database update now happens with low priority thread, and it should affect the server performance less during the database update;
  • Server now includes console application ConsoleBackup.exe, which will allow to run backup from a command line. See more here;
  • Fixed dropped connection problems after receiving QUIT command in SMTP and POP3.

March 03 2021, v1.3.1.0

  • Fixed synchronization issues on implicit TLS ports (465,993,995);
  • Improved handling of IMAP Shared Folders. Now allowing subfolders of shared folders;
  • Added menu option to Delete Old Logs;
  • Global action, performed in case SpamAssassin detects spam, can be overridden by individual user settings;
  • Improved Mailbox View dialog. Optimized "Increment UIDValidity" action, and fixed issues with dragging and dropping .eml files to mailboxes from Windows shell;
  • Fixed a problem with applying latest structural changes to the databases from menu. Before was broken for SQLite;

February 23 2021, v1.3.0.0

  • Added Backup and Restore at Tools - Utilities menu. Available only if SQLite database engine is used;
  • Improved mailbox repair options when viewing user mailbox. Now there is a choice to either delete "orphaned" .eml files which may present in the folder, or include them into database, so they can be accessed when retrieving mail;
  • Allowed Password length for user accounts increased from 16 to 20;
  • The service modules and the user interface now will communicate through named pipe, instead of UDP protocol. It will increase efficiency and avoid data loss;
  • Now name of Spam folder, used by SpamAssassin, can be changed (Edit User - Anti Spam tab);
  • Starting from this version, outdated authentication methods, such as POP/IMAP before SMTP and Trusted Senders are, by default, hidden. They are not secure and come from old times, when email clients did not support SMTP authentication. They can still be enabled by altering Settings.xml file;

February 12 2021, v1.2.9.0

  • Now, Server Greetings for SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols, also User-Agent header, sent by web interface, can be fully customized;
  • Statistics are no longer getting reset at server startup. They continue count until they are manually reset at Statistics Tab on the user interface;
  • Added Reported to AbuseIPDB entry to statistics;
  • Added two additional options not to append X-FromIP: header and to include only minimal information in Received: header.
  • Trusted connections are no longer checked against AbuseIP;
  • There are minor optimizations on user interface;

January 31 2021, v1.2.8.0

  • Fixed a problem with duplicate entries in AbuseIPDB Blacklist database. If the downloaded data contained duplicate IP addresses, local database update was halted and more attempts were being made to download it, which was causing Blacklist downloads to go over AbuseIPDB quota;
  • Added tracking of AbuseIPDB to the Statistics tab in UI;
  • Now statistics can be viewed as a chart on Statistics tab in UI;
  • New version check service has been updated. Now, if new version is available, the information will be displayed on the bottom status bar;
  • Switched from some 3rd party components to our own code;
  • Minor UI changes.

January 26 2021, v1.2.7.0

  • Significantly improved the handling of delivery. Completely changed the way how messages are picked up from outbox. Now all delivery threads are fully used;
  • Updated the User Interface. Improved graphical representation of connections. Statistics have been moved to a separate tab;
  • Fixed problems with AbuseIPDB when SQL server is used;
  • Minor changes, related to issues when upgrading from previous versions and moving server from one server to another.

January 14 2021, v1.2.6.0

  • Fixed an issue with IMAP APPEND command (Database not open error, introduced in v1.2.5.0);
  • For Smart Server, increased the allowed size of username to 255 characters, and password to 200 characters;

January 09 2021, v1.2.5.0

  • Added support of AbuseIPDB;
  • Improved the Mailbox Viewer screen;
  • Optimized connection handler. Now users should see less "stuck" connections in TIME_WAIT state;
  • More relatively minor changes in the user interface.

January 25 2020, v1.2.4.0

  • Addressed the problem with "Your License has Expired" error;

December 4 2019, v1.2.3.0

  • Individual certificates can be used for different domain groups for outgoing mail;
  • Fixed a problem with IP address to Geolocation API service. Apparently, they changed the URL.
  • Status of services, displayed on the bottom left corner of Mail Server UI application should be working better now.

September 12 2019, v1.2.2.0

  • Now Domain Groups can be "bound" to specific single IPv4 address. The feature was there, but, apparently, was broken after adding IPv6 support;
  • Fixed a bug - Add from a List button was not working at Security - Anti-Spam - Allowed Only Hosts;

September 2 2019, v1.2.1.0

  • Fixed an error This server was built after your support expiry date.... Apologies to all users who were affected by this.
  • Added an option not to log errors into the Windows event log (Settings - Options - Advanced - Do not send authentication failures to Windows Event Log);
  • Fixed issues of server not starting up when there were formatting error in lists of Trusted and Banned IP addresses;

July 14 2019, v1.2.0.0

  • Mail and Web services have been separated. See our announcement for more;
  • Bootstrap CSS and JQuery scripts are not included with the distribution, and are served locally, and are no longer depend on our web site;
  • Added an option NOT to record authentication failures into the Windows Event Log (Tools - Options - Advanced);
  • Fixed Javascript error on the Password Change page in Web Interface.

June 26 2019, v1.1.9.0

  • Web Interface now supports copying/moving messages beween different folders;
  • Fixed IE compatibility, and other, mostly minor, issues in Web Interface;
  • Added support of APOP to POP3, and CRAM-MD5 to SMTP and IMAP (one more authentication method);
  • Now your registration data can be accessed from Help - My Account;

June 11 2019, v1.1.8.0

  • Further improvements and bug fixes with Web Interface. There are lots of changes. Some of them are:
    • To comply with EU GPRS regulations, added warning about "cookies" Appears on the bottom of login screen;
    • Changed the content of login "cookie". Now it contains just an loging ID, instead of enctrypted username/password (it is safer).
  • Now users can have separate logs for each protocol. Makes logs easier to read and analyze. Settings - Options - General - Use Separate Logs.

June 5 2019, v1.1.7.0

  • Added support of IPv6 addresses to Secondary SMTP, POP3, IMAP and Web services. Running Primary SMTP and Delivery services on IPv6 would cause complications with IP based anti-spam features;
  • Now services can bind to All IPv4, All IPv6, or any individually selected IP address(es). In earlier versions they could be bound either to all IPv4 addresses, or just one selected address;
  • Refactored most of the code, that handles asynchronous connections. Now server will require less CPU resources and be more responsive. More optimizations are coming;
  • Fixed certain issues with Web interface;
  • Improved handling of non-unicode messages;
  • Fixed minor issues with Recommendations;
  • Modified RECEIVED header, so that it includes TLS information (if it was used).

May 22 2019, v1.1.6.0

  • Added Web Interface. It is a separate Web (HTTP) service, build into the server. It runs along and with the same "rights" with other services (like SMTP, IMAP, POP3), and can be configured the similar way. No third party servers are required. Currently it is pretty limited: you can only check email, and only in Inbox folder. More, including server administration, is coming in future versions. Both, HTTP and HTTPS are supported;
  • Improved handling of Recommendations, introduced in version Added checking of server certificate, also verifies whether DKIM key pair is set up properly and they match. Also, if there is an error generating recommendations, it stops wherever error occurs, rather than generating an exception and halting the execution;
  • If there is a problem with inserting DKIM Signature, email will be still sent. In previous versions the server was generating and error and not sending the mail.
  • Updated the UI for DKIM section. Listbox of domains, which was rather confusing, was replaced by a dropdown list. Also, now you DKIM settings can be tested on the spot. Uses the same method as recommendations, mentioned above.

April 30 2019, v1.1.5.0

  • Added Recommendations. Tools - Recommendations will generate a report, which will suggest how to improve your settings to optimize delivery to external recipients;
  • Added an option to display in clear text passwords for failed connections. May help to track down hackers. See Settings - Options - Advanced - Show "Failed" passwords in logs.

April 22 2019, v1.1.4.0

  • Added more Archiving options - now all mail that passes through server can be archived into a local account, or forwarded to external SMTP server;
  • Added caching to GeoIp lookup. Results are cached for 30 days;
  • Added warnings to the UI, if there are attempts to add Domain Groups and Domains in, possibly, incorrect format.

April 14 2019, v1.1.3.0

  • Fixed more problems with transferring between SQLite to SQL database engine;
  • Fixed "Invalid Object Name Archiver" errors. Was happening only when SQL database engine was used;
  • Fixed an issue when message bodies are stored in the database, rather than file system;
  • Disabled an option to store message bodies into the database. Was worsening performance.

March 31 2019, v1.1.2.0

  • When switching from SQLite database engine to SQL server (at Tools - Utilities - Switch Database Engine), some fields were getting truncated and generating error. The issue is now fixed;
  • Fixed handling of errors, when client certificate was deleted from the certificate store, and server was still attempting to load and use it;
  • Fixed a minor issue when viewing Archives;
  • Updated icons representing User, Alias and Distribution list on the UI

March 01 2019, v1.1.1.0

February 09 2019, v1.1.0.9

  • Fixed a problem with encoding Western (Windows-1251) and similar character sets;
  • Fixed problems with moving messages between folders in IMAP;
  • If SPF checking was not enabled, server was skipping checking of DNSBL and other anti-spam checking. Now all features should work in sequence.

December 08 2018, v1.1.0.8

  • Implemented IMAP UIDPLUS extension - (rfc4315);
  • Added Delete "orphaned" .eml files menu item at Tools - Utilities - Maintenance. Will delete message bodies which no longer have corresponding index entries in the database;
  • Improved performance of deleting old messages on server, at Tools - Utilities - Maintenance - Delete Old Messages;

November 08 2018, v1.1.0.7

  • When message is retrieved using POP3, it is no longer marked as Seen in IMAP;
  • Fixed a spelling error in the log;

October 21 2018, v1.1.0.6

  • Outdated Domain Keys have been replaced with DKIM. Now server can sign outgoing mail, also check incoming mail for DKIM signatures;
  • For a private key for DKIM signatures, server now can handle either XML, or PEM (ASN 1. DER) encoded value (before only XML was supported);
  • Improved SPF handling;
  • Each incoming message now will have Authentication-Results header, containing DKIM and SPF results. Can be used by receiving email clients for further processing and filtering;
  • DNS lookup of MX and TXT records now supports rollower to TCP, in case UDP fails, or UDP response is truncated;
  • All protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3) now can handle 8bit encoded content, including UTF-8;
  • Headers, inserted by SpamAssassin, are now kept (except, of course, when messages are rejected). Can be used by email clients for further processing;
  • Maximum size of messages, that go through SpamAssassin is now configurable;

September 13 2018, v1.1.0.5

  • Further fixes with IMAP SEARCH command, related to FROM and SUBJECT headers;
  • Added custom SOUNDEX IMAP extension. Currently is used by our upcoming ArGoSoft Email Google Assistant action only (still under development); See more here;

September 9 2018, v1.1.0.4

  • Apparently some clients send the the user name twice with AUTH PLAIN authentication method. Now handling those situations;
  • Fixed a bug with IMAP SEARCH command (SEARCH ON <DATE> was not returning correct information);
  • Log text no longer gets cut off when viewing it from the log viewer;

August 13 2018, v1.1.0.3

  • Fixed a bug causing SQLite database lockups;
  • Now Shrink Database command works with SQLite as well; (Tools - Utilities - Maintenance - Shrink Database);
  • Messages to SpamAssasin are now passed in UTF8 format, which solves invalid content-length errors; Because of those errors some spam was not getting detected;

August 04 2018, v1.1.0.2

  • Optimized IMAP. Issues with high CPU usage by Apple devices should be fixed now;
  • Allowing to store message bodies into the database instead of file system (for SQLite only);
  • Optimized performance of Mailbox viewer on the UI;
  • Instead of DNS server our MX retrieval web service can be used. Helpful when ISP DNS servers have MX records disabled;
  • Added AUTHORIZATION PLAIN login to POP3;

July 07 2018, v1.1.0.1

  • Fixed a problem when multiple clients were connecting via TLS at the same time;

July 01 2018, v1.1.0.0

  • Now allowing to receive connections and perform login when ONLY when connections are secure;
  • Added support for client certificates for outgoing connections (when delivering mail to remove servers);
  • Added support of AUTHENTICATION PLAIN to IMAP;
  • Rearranged settings on the UI, and updated help file;

June 03 2018, v1.0.9.0

  • Compiled using .NET 4.5 framework. Will work only with Windows 7, Windows 2008 server or later;
  • Added support to TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2;
  • Fixed issues with installer, when upgrading to newer version;

May 20 2018, v1.0.8.95

  • Fixed CLOSE_WAIT problem on secure connections;

May 20 2018, v1.0.8.94

  • Improved handling of timeouts, and shutdowns of connections, which should eliminate CLOSE_WAIT problems;
  • Fixed a problem with updating DNSBL database from Security - Anti Spam menu;
  • Enabled back the ability of switching between database engines;

April 24 2018, v1.0.8.9

  • Added support (on top of STARTTLS/STLS) of "direct TLS/SSL" ports for SMTP (465), POP3 (995) and IMAP (993), even though similar connections are outdated;
  • By default, supporting SQLite. However, it is still possible to switch to SQL server. Older installations will continue to use previous database engine;
  • For new installations, all data files will be placed in ProgramData\ArGoSoft\MailServer.NET\ folder;
  • Fixed up problems with installer/uninstaller;
  • Improved the way of adding and deleting messages to user folders, when viewing through Mailbox option;

April 13 2016, v1.0.8.8

  • Fixed problems with outgoing messages, which were getting delivered via TLS to certain SMTP servers;
  • A minor change: added the quick way to access the folder, which contains actual messages in user mailbox (right click the folder when viewing the user mailbox, and select Open in Explorer);

August 19 2015, v1.0.8.7

  • Added a button for resuming and suspending delivery temporarily on the outbox tab. It will allow to safely select and handle outbox items, including deleting unwanted ones;
  • Optimized the way how items are deleted from outbox and mailbox viewer;
  • Fixed a problem with server freezing when TO or CC headers of messages contained large number of messages;

March 14 2013, v1.0.8.6

  • Fixed several problems causing trouble with iPhone and Android clients;
  • Improved delivery handling, in order to eliminate problems with messages which were getting "stuck" in outbox for forever;
  • Added the way to add .eml files directly to outbox via Mail Server UI;
  • Fixed several UI issues;

September 23 1012, v1.0.8.5

  • Support of new ClamAV for windows is back. The earlier version of ClamAV was no longer working with mail server. Now enabled support of new version. Instructions are here
  • Added an option not to lock out "ping" requests - requests when connections come in and disconnect, without issuing any commands;

May 21 2012, v1.0.8.4

  • New "optimized" delivery (see turned out to be causing problems with certain servers, which were shutting down connections. Optimized delivery is now optional, and disabled by default;
  • Fixed problems with switching datatabase engine from SQL to SQLite;
  • Improved lockout manager. Now IP address gets locked out when during the connection there are no commands. Some attackers were causing problems with frequent connects and disconnects;

November 6 2011, v1.0.8.3

  • Added support of STARTTLS (STLS) command for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP relay and delivery, which will allow secure, fully encrypted connections, when possible;

October 08 2011, v1.0.8.2

  • Optimized delivery speed. In earlier versions each "tick" which was checking whether messages were in the outbox queue, was picking up only one message at a time. Now it will attempt to pick MaximumAllowedThreads-ActiveDelivery threads messages, which should considerably increase deliver speed;
  • Optimized SEARCH and STATUS IMAP commands. They appear to be used very extensively by Android, and (not that extensively, but still) by iPhone. Now users who use mobile phones to access their IMAP accounts will see considerable improvement;
  • Optimized STORE IMAP command. Before storing of IMAP flags was occuring one message at a time, which seemed to be fine with SQL server, but proved to be slow for SQLite... Now it happens with single SQL call.

June 06 2011, v1.0.8.1

  • Fixed a bug: when using IMAP via Firefox with "When I delete a message, move it to Trash folder" option, marking messages in the trash folder was causing high CPU usage, and was taking some time, making the server pretty much non-responsive. The problem was happening only when using SQLite.

May 23 2011, v1.0.8.0

  • Fixed a problem with web interface - was showing only first page of messages, and would not switch to other pages; In order to fix the web interface, mail server itself has to be updated;
  • When installint initially, was still using SQLite, even when SQL was requested;
  • There was a problem with switching from SQLite database engine to SQL server database engine: the SQL database was not being created;

April 25 2011, v1.0.7.9

  • The server no longer requires Microsoft SQL Server. If SQL server is not found, it will use SQLite engine, which does not require separate installation. If SQL server is found, then user will be prompted whether he wants to use it;
  • Made other improvements, such as, now mailbox rebuild indexes orphaned records, rather then deleting them, also added an opotion to increment UIDL validity of folder (both on the Mailbox viewer box);
  • Made minor improvements on web interface;

February 15 2011, v1.0.7.8

  • Added support of SpamAssassin well tested and well known anti-spam project by Apache; Special thanks to Mr Hans Lockermeier for help.
  • Released the 64-bit version (requires .NET 4 or higher);
  • Fixed ongoing bugs and problems, making server more stable;

May 17 2010, v1.0.7.7

Mail Server

  • Fixed a bug - "Use Simple SMTP" setting was not on on the Server Options - SMTP section, server was timing out;

Web Interface

  • No changes;

May 12 2010, v1.0.7.6

Mail Server

  • Improved handling of lenghty SMTP connections. New method should eliminate problems with "stuck" SMTP connections, which waere causing high CPU load and, eventually, server crash on heavy loaded servers;
  • Now individual domain groups can be exported and imported. Useful when splitting server between several computers;
  • Fixed several minor problems;

Web Interface

  • Fixed several problems with displaying complex messages on the web interface;

February 25 2010, v1.0.7.5

Mail Server

  • Hopefully fixed a problem which was causing mail server to stop

Web Interface

  • Web interface now will work with Safari;

February 21 2010, v1.0.7.4

Mail Server

  • SMTP now supports two methods of authentication: AUTH PLAIN and AUTH LOGIN;
  • Improved the way how "stuck" delivery threads are getting cancelled. In some cases with previous versions they could stay connected infinitely long;
  • If a domain is in greylisting exception, and SPF is PASS, DNSBL will be not checked - to avoid blocking messages, when single IP addresses belonging to large ISPs are blacklisted by DNSBL databases;
  • Now there is an option to check all IP addresses, referred to in RECEIVED headers, against DNSBL databases;
  • If autoresponder is enabled, and return address is not specified, now the server will use username, plus @ symbol, plus either the first domain in the list belonging to the domain group, or domain group name itself;
  • If SMTP for account is disabled for an account, connection will be still accepted, if it comes from web interface;
  • If there is an unsuccessful attempt to log into the POP3 or IMAP server, or perform uncussessful SMTP Authentication, and entry is created in the Windows application log;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem with messages, containing embedded images with same name - was giving Resource already in use error when displaying images;

January 03 2010, v1.0.7.3

Mail Server

  • In previous versions "stuck" IMAP connections were not getting disconnected, because it was assumed that IDLE command can "stick around" infinitely. It turned out, some clients (e.g., iPhone and iPod) do not use IDLE command, but still leave connections open, which causes open IMAP connections to add up. In this version IMAP connection gets periodically checked, along with POP3 and SMTP connections, and gets disconnected, if it was around for long time, and currently is not in IDLE state;
  • Fixed a bug in Archiver: copy function was copying entire folder, not just a selection;
  • If a list of trusted or banned hosts contained blank entry, it was returning false positives. Now blank entries are just removed;
  • If remoting service cannot start, now it not affect other services.  Before it would crash other services too;
  • Added View Log Folder option to the mail server UI;
  • Now catching exception when reading server start date/time. It appears, server startup times was not getting stored properly into the Settings.xml file on non-English versions of Windows;
  • License is now checked onlny at server startup, rather then during each connection. It appears, decrypting of the license and checking it's signature was taking pretty long time on some systems;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem with processing MIME messages, when part separators (boundaries) contain space;

October 04 2009, v1.0.7.2

Mail Server

  • Fixed long delay when sending mail to large mailing lists, containing large number of local recipients;
  • Optimized access to trusted and banned hosts lists;
  • Added an option to allow bouncing only to local users (Options - Server Options - Delivery;
  • Further optimized resource consuming processes, such as POP3, IMAP and delivery;

Web Interface

  • Fixed multiple problems with displaying complex multipart messages;

Skipped - just internal technical problems...

July 16 2009, v1.0.7.0

Mail Server

  • Outgoing messages would loop infinitely, when there was a DNS server timeout when retrieving MX records;
  • Fixed a problem in IMAP, with displaying ? (question mark) sybmols in sender addresses, containing "high" ASCII characters. Would occur only when messages had attachments;
  • When deleting users, SQL command timeout increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Was causing SQL server timeout when users had tens of thousands of messages;

Web Interface

No Changes

July 08 2009, v1.0.6.9

Mail Server

  • Fixed a security issue, which was intrduced in v1.0.6.8 after ading Trusted Senders feature...

Web Interface

  • Rich text control now also works with Internet Explorer 8, Safari and Chrome...

June 29 2009, v1.0.6.8

Mail Server

  • Users, domain groups and mailbags can have individual settings for nine anti-spam features supported by our server. Settings may be inherited from the "above" level, or overriden;
  • Added Trusted Senders - you can specify senders (email addresses), and if the value transmitted with RCPT TO SMTP command matches one of them, connection will be considered as trusted. We do not recommend to use this option, we added it for backward compatibility;
  • Fixed an Object Reference not Set on Object errors when mail was sent to non-existing domains. This error was not causing any problems, was just showing in the log, causing confusion;

Web Interface

  • Made changes to handle individual anti-spam settings (see in the Mail Server sectino above, first point). They are currently handled only for domain group administration section. For list of changes see this document.

June 09 2009, v1.0.6.7

Mail Server

  • Added Status page to the UI of mail server, now users can see "live" statistics for server;
  • Added buffered output to IMAP. It turns out, that some firewalls are corrupting data, if it is sent in small chunks. Buffering allows to avoid these problems;
  • Optimized database cleanup procedure at server startup. When DNS cache was large, removal of expired records was causing database server timeouts, and server was not starting up;
  • Added status bar to the mailbox viewer, and now message load is performed in a separate thread, which means, screen will no longer freeze when browsing folders containing large number of messages;
  • Fixed a bug with UID COPY IMAP command. When copying 1st message, was causing Index of Range errors;
  • Fixed a problem with accessing newly created users from web interface, default folders were going to as Shared folders area...

Web Interface

No changes...

May 28 2009, v1.0.6.6

Mail Server

  • Added support of Shared Folders - now server administrator can create folders, which are accessible for specified users with different levels of rights. Folders can be accessed via IMAP, or web interface;
  • Archiver module is no longer a module. It became an integral part of server now;
  • Reverse PTR checking option now allows exceptions - specified IP addresses (on top of trusted hosts) will be not checked;
  • Fixed a problem with the rotation of DNS servers.

Web Interfacer

  • Added support for shared folders. If you have modified web interface, see this document for the list of changes.

May 14 2009, v1.0.6.5

IMPORTANT: If you are using one of Archiver or AutoWhitelisting optional modules, they also must be upgraded!

Mail Server

  • Added PIPELINING and VRFY SMTP extensions;
  • Now DSN, PIPELINING, VRFY, SIZE and ETRN extension can be turned on or off;
  • Fixed a problem with "hanging" bounced messages, when original messages were included as message/rfc822 attachments, and they were relateively large;
  • Fixed a problem with domain group broadcast messages;
  • Domain group quotas now are calcucated correctly;
  • If .eml files are dropped to user icons on the mail server controller UI, they will be added to user inbox;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem with viewing messages, containing duplicate parameters in headers;

April 26 2009, v1.0.6.4

IMPORTANT: If you are using one of Archiver or AutoWhitelisting optional modules, they also must be upgraded!

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem, which was new in - when adding new users you would get DBNull Cannot be Cast... errors, because new field tracking usage calculation related fields was not being added;
  • Fixed a problem with the v0.95 of Clam-AV antivirus. It appears, new version was not interpreting properly DOS style paths, and email files were not getting properly scanned;
  • Fixed a problem with domain group quotas - was working properly only when each domain group user also had set domain group quotes;
  • Replies to UIDL and LIST commands in POP3 now are getting sent in a "single batch", rather then line by line - significantly improves performance;

Web Interface

  • No changes...

April 14 2009, v1.0.6.3

IMPORTANT: If you are using the web interface and/or other optional modules, modules you use also must be upgraded!

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with mailbox usage calculations;
  • Fixed a bug with custom bounce messages;
  • If during reception, message size exceeds the maximum allowed size, the server will wait until entire message is received (without allocating additional memory), and send back a rejection error message only after sending MTA is done with transmission. In earlier versions server was sending error message without waiting for end, making delivering MTAs assume that there was just a transmission error, and making them to do multiple retries to deliver large messages;
  • When checking reverse PTR records, in case lookup fails will assume PTR record does not exist;
  • Fixed a problem with Outlook Express in case email addresses of senders contained illegal characters. Outlook Express was just skipping them when accessing a mailbox using IMAP;
  • Connectio monitor frequency is now configurable (Options - Server Options - Advanced);

Web Interface

There are no significant changes, but it must be upgraded to keep shared libraries syncrhonized with the mail server;

Fabruary 16 2009, v1.0.6.2

Mail Server

  • Added ESMTP DSN (Delivery Status Notification) extension (rfc 1891)
  • Bouncedced messages and delivery notifications now are in standardized DSN format (rfc 1894)

Web Interface

  • Added Request Delivery Confirmation and Priority options when composing a message;

Fabruary 16 2009, v1.0.6.1

Mail Server

  • Added support for optional modules. Released Archiver (free) and AutoWhitelisting modules;
  • Added an option to readjust email date/times according to DATE headers, rather then eml file date/times, may be needed to use if messages are copied over from other folders or computers (Domains, Users - Select User, click Mailbox button, there is new Adjust Date/Times button);
  • Fixed a problem with forwarding messages from the user who uses Junk folder, rather then rejects detected spam to an another user, who does not use Junk folder, now detected junk mail will be rejected;
  • The UI was adjusted to handle optional modules;
  • Fixed a problem with closed distribution lists, apparently, it was not working properly since last version;
  • Made further fixes at the Users, Domains tab of the mail server UI, there was still possible to rename domain groups by clicking nodes on the left panel, and it was causing confusion;

Web Interface

No changes...

February 01 2009, v1.0.6.0

Mail Server

  • Added antivirus support (Security - Anti Spam - Antivirus). Now you can integrate ClamAV antivirus into the Mail Server .NET
  • Added support of Banned Hosts - works the similar way as Trusted Hosts, which have been there from very beginning, and is located under Security - Anti Spam - Banned Hosts.
  • Added the way to forward selected messages from server to anywhere to any other user folder, or to external SMTP server, something similar to the Transfer feature in the Pro version;
  • Starting from this version, distribution can be "closed" so that only users who have domain group administrator rights are able to send mail to them; Before any trusted connection could send mail to closed lists;
  • Fixed a problem with adding domain groups and domain names from the Users and Domains tab. Added an option to add data via dialog box, rather with editing treview items;
  • Added serverwide broadcast account (Options - Server Options - Advanced);
  • Fixed a SPF problem: ptr mechanism was not working properly, when it was present all by itself, without specifying domain name separated by a : symbol;
  • Fixed a problem with viewing messages from Mailbox dialog box (click Mailbox button on the Domains and Users tab. UIDL contained trailing spaces, and system was not finding files. Was working fine on XP by some reason;
  • When running setup (MailServerSetup.msi): if selected installation folder does not match previous installation folder (if previous installation is detected by finding the Settings.xml file in the common application data folder), then the user gets a prompt whether he wants to cancel the setup, and start it over again, selecting the old folder;
  • "bare" IP addresses as domain names now are supported (joe@;
  • Changed default values:
    • Options - Server Options - Delivery Options: Delivery Interval Increment now is 2 minutes (was 0);
    • Options - Serivice Options - IMAP: Logging now by default is disabled.  It is very resource consuming, and should be enabled only for debugging purposes;
    • Anti Spam - Security - Greylisting: added domains,, to the list of domains for which greylisting will be not required;
    • Greylisting - Initial delay for previously unknown triplet, reduced from 30 to 10 minutes.
  • Corrected typos with SMTP handler, and quick setup wizard;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem with updating distribution lists;
  • Added X-FromIP header to outgoing messages, and removed RECEIVED header, which was generated by the web interface.  X-FromIP header was there, but it was added by the mail server, and contained IP address of the web interface, rather then original IP address; 
  • Added X-Mailer: ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET Web Interface vx.x.x.x header to messages generated by web interface;
  • Added web service, which will allow programmatic access to the mail server, but it has not been documented yet.  To see the list of its methods, go to /WebService.asmx of your web interface (e.g. 

January 02 2009, v1.0.5.9

Mail Server

  • Added additonal tracking of connections for SMTP and POP3: if they stay on for over 30 minutes, they are getting disconnected;
  • Fixed a problem with mailbags when they accept mail only when main server is down: in case of timeout mailbags were still treating the main server as "available" and rejecting mail;
  • Changed color coding of logs. Now red denotes only errors, delivery is green, POP3, SMTP, IMAP connections - blue;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem, when session timeouts were causing errors in the windows system logs;

November 12 2008, v1.0.5.8

Mail Server

  • Mailbags now have an option to accept mail only when specified server is down - will help to fight with spam which attempt to deliver mail bypassing the main server;
  • When delivering mail, if main exchanger returns 4xx reply (temporary problem), the server will not try other exchangers, will retry later the main exchanger;
  • Server options moved from registry to a XML file. 64-bit versions of Vista and 2008 server appear to be having access rights problems to the Windows registry, and the change will make our server more compatible with 64-bit versions;
  • Added an option to specify the number of lines on the log screen, when using the user interface. Was causing memory problems if left running for long time;
  • Fixed couple of problems, which were showing when SQL server was set up to use case sensitive SQL statements;
  • Made changes in the remoting interface to allow logging in using aliases;

Web Interface

  • Made changes to allow logging in using aliases;
  • When viewing folders, web interface now displays the name of logged in user;

October 22 2008, v1.0.5.7

Mail Server

  • Added Bounced Messages under Options, allowing users to customize bounced and warning messages.  This feature was present in the Pro version, but was missing in the .NET;
  • Now it is possible to set a daily limit for each user for sending mail out (see Max Rcpt To... option when editing users);
  • Each session can have a limit of RCPT TO commands Options - Server Settings - General . This feature was present in the Pro version, but was missing in the .NET.
  • Now allowing to specify the lifetime for remoting validation token, can be useful to extend the length of web interface sessions (Options - Server Options - Advanced);

Web Interface

  • Fixed Unable to Find Users Path... exceptions problem when accessing users for very first time;
  • Updated to allow the domain group administrator to update Max Rcpt To commands (see above);

October 05 2008, v1.0.5.6

Mail Server

  • Added an option to encrypt password, rather than hash them. If passwords are encrypted, they can be retrieved and restored, while hashed passwords can not be restored;
  • Now mail server will install even if there is no SQL Server on the computer, giving the user a chance to connect to the SQL server on another computer;
  • Improved error handling in setups of the Windows Vista and 2008 server. If there is an error 2869, it will attempt to display actual error which caused it;

Web Interface

  • Updated the setup file, so that uninstall of the previous version will occur automatically;

September 16 2009, v1.0.5.5

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with renaming subfolders in IMAP;
  • Added an option to change the frequency of checking delivery queue;
  • UIDLs of messages are now calculated usign more advanced method, which will minimize chances of generating same UIDLs for different messages;
  • Added functions to the remoting objects to make the server compatible with new web interface, which now supports domain group administration;

Web Interface

  • Now web interface supports domain group administration. If user has Group Administration rights, then he will see a link to the Domain Group Administratino when accessing his/her mailbox;

September 08 2009, v1.0.5.4

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with Mail Filter Pro by sssolutions. When the plugin was returning Ignore result, connection was "hanging";
  • Added an option to specify password strenght (Options - Server Options - Advanced);
  • Added an option to limit the number of simultaneous SMTP, Secondary SMTP, POP3 and IMAP connections (Options - Services);
  • To GeoIP, added an option to reject ALL connections (not only SMTP) from specified countries;

Web Interface

July 28 2009, v1.0.5.3

Mail Server

  • Added data rebuild external utitlity (MailServerReset.exe), and a popup menu option to reset/rebuild user mailboxes and entire domain groups;
  • Mailbags and domains now support a * wildcard as a subdomain name, e.g., * includes,, and so on...
  • When bouncing messages to local addresses, using local delivery handler, which have been recently used for local delivery... It turned out, it was not working when sending bounced messages to local users, messages were going to the queue. This change will considerably reduce server load;
  • Added a Sort by Email feature to distribution lists;

Web Interface

  • No Changes;

June 16 2008, v1.0.5.2

Mail Server

  • Added Available Updates checking. Of course, it will show up only after we release the next version... If new version is avialable, a link will be displayed on the bottom of the UI, suggesting to upgrade
  • "SMTP Log In" will be no longer be registered in the last login database, because it causes confusion when the web interface displays last login protocol;
  • Updated help files, now they reflect new Remoting services;

Web Interface

  • "Wiping" of trash folder now works. With each login, messages, located in the trash folder, and older than 3 days will be wiped out;

June 3 2008, v1.0.5.1

Mail Server

  • Fixed a bug from - was impossible to add domain groups and domains from the UI;

Web Interface

  • Created a page for localized resource files. If you are willing to contribute your resources, we would be very thankful;
  • It turns out, major IMAP clients do not allow renaming of the Inbox folder. They display localized name of Inbox, but an actual name of folder on the server stays "Inbox". Now the web interface will allow the same - you can specify the name of inbox, but it will be just a display name, how it will appear on the web interface. It will keep compatibility with IMAP clients;
  • CC and BCC headers on the Write Email page are now initially hidden.
  • When accessing the web interface initially, user will be prompted to enter default SMTP server address;

May 31 2008, v1.0.5.0

Web Interface

It is a major change, even though there are no significant changes in the "look and feel" of the web interface.

  • Now all the communication with mail server is performed via a remoting object, which is hosted in the mail server.
    • It allows to run the mail server and the web interface on separate computers;
    • Eliminates access right problems to directories and databases;
    • Web interface no longer requires SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express on the computer where it runs;
  • Something you've been asking for very long time! Now users can send out HTML messages
  • Almost entire text that appears in the UI is placed in resource files, allowing easy localization of string resources;
  • When going out, mail is relayd to mail server via SMTP, instead of going directly to outbox. It ensures, that all server plugins are called, and all server generated headers (including Domain Keys) are properly inserted;
  • Server and Domain Group administration temporarily are not available. We will be releasing new separate web application, which will be doing that. Currently, you still can use old version of web interface for administering server via web, old and new version can co-exist peacefully;

Mail Server

  • Now each account has No SMTP access flag, allowing to have "incoming only" accounts; Works only when SMTP authentication is enabled;
  • Optimized the load of Edit Domain Group box. In earlier versions it was taking long time, because that calculation of the usage was being performed at the box load. Now calculation will be not perfomed, unless user clicks Calculate Usage link;

Following changes are related to the major change of the web interface (see above):

  • Added remoting object, which is used to communicate with the web interface;
  • Added Default Content-Type field to users, allowing them to select in which initial state is the Compose Mail message body editor: plain text or HTML;
  • Now each user can select the name for their Inbox.  Useful when creating localized versions.

May 14 2008, v1.0.4.9

  • Fixed a serious bug - mail was looping infinitely, if forward address was local, and was directly or indirectly pointing to the original address;
  • Added a choice to send warning messages after predefined number of attempts, in case of temporary delivery problems;
  • Compacted UI - menu items moved to single dialog boxes;

Coming soon: Web interface, which will communicate with the mail server via remoting services. It will eliminate "access rights" problems, and allow to run the web interface and the mail server on separate computers.

April 23 2008, v1.0.4.8

Mail Server

  • Added User Statistics. If enabled, the server will keep track of the number of sent and received messages and bytes for each user;
  • Fixed a problem with SPF records containing recursive include macro. Unlikely from Pro, which was looping infinitely, was returning Fail result incorrectly. Now it will return permanent error;
  • Fixed a bug with Valid Recipients list in Mailbags. If the list contained only user names, without a domain name, then all recipients were considered valid;

Web Interface

  • Fixed couple of database update errors from the server administration area;

April 09 2008, v1.0.4.7

Mail Server

  • Added an option to use X-Authenticated-User header (Options - General - Include X-Authenticated-User Hader;
  • Optimized the way how allowed usage is calculated for each user;
  • Added Delivery Interval Increment to general delivery and mailbag delivery.  It allows to progressivelly increase the delivery interval, as number of attempts grows;
  • Added "Quick Setup Wizard" - allows new users to quickly setup very basic features of the server. Accessible only when there are no users and no mailbags on the server

Web Interface

  • Added an access to delivery interval increment values (see above);
  • Fixed couple of bugs on the server administration section;

March 26 2008, v1.0.4.6

Mail Server

  • Added an option not to perform database cleanup when service is starting (General Settings box);
  • Fixed a problem, which was appearing since - when mail was received at local IP address, and server was attempting to deliver mail using the same IP address, there was a connection problem. Now, if internal IP addresses are used, there is an option to use any available IP address, or specific IP address when delivering mail to remote servers;

March 12 2008, v1.0.4.5

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with v1.0.4.4 - it was not working in evaluation mode. If you are using registered version, there is no need to upgrade;

March 07 2008, v1.0.4.4

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with SMTP delivery - association of IP addresses with domain groups in previous version caused trouble with some routers and firewalls

February 27 2008, v1.0.4.3

Mail Server

Changes in this version are significant

  • In case of multiple IP addresses, each domain group can have associated IP address, and it will respond differently on requests to different IP addresses, displaying different greeting at SMTP connection, or binding to specific IP addresses when relaying mail, using different default domains and so on...; See this document for more.
  • Added support of Domain Keys - another security/antispam measure, which ensures that emails originating from a given domain are approved by the domain; If you need to set up domain keys for your domain, see our Domain Keys Setup Wizard;
  • Added SMTP greeting - the information can be appended to the standard greeting issued by the server;
  • Optimized address verification - if SPF result is "pass", then it will be not performed. It would save resources.
  • SPF has an additional option - not to reject mail, just add SPF-Received header;

Web Interface

  • Added View/Hide Headers option when viewing an email message;
  • Changes regarding "bound IP addresses" have not been reflected with the web interface at this point;

February 02 2008, v1.0.4.2

Mail Server

  • Starting from this version, we wil be using new validation method. All registered users will receive new license file before March 4, when this new version stops working using older codes. This method makes it nearly impossible to use "fake" regitration codes... :-)
  • If user selects an option to accept junk mail to "Junk" folder, mail will not rejected, but will be placed in that folder. Before this feature was working only for individual filters, now it will work even for global anti-spam features, such as SPF, Reverse PTR, DNSBL, Filters and Attachment Filters. It will work ONLY when mail is sent to a single local user, and that user has "Place Messages in "Junk" Folder" option enabled;
  • Fixed a bug with reverse PTR matching, it was not working;
  • Mask of the datetime entries in the log can be changed from Options - General
  • Added Database Command box to the Tools - Utilities. It allows to issue any SQL command to the database;
  • Fixed a problem with messages hanging when being delivered to blank recipients;

Web Interface

  • Fixed handling of forwarded messages with attachment. Now messages have relatively simple structure, they will be not included as "forward.eml" attachments;

January 09 2008, v1.0.4.1

Mail Server

  • Improved delivery - if message is sent to local users, it will be delivered directly, instead of going through the delivery handler;
  • Installer now will work with 64-bit Windows;
  • Optimized message purging with POP3;
  • Added support of our relay service;

Web Interface

  • "No Web" access option for individual users now works;

November 29 2007, v1.0.4.0

Mail Server

  • Optimized SEARCH IMAP command;
  • Fixed a bug - sending mail to empty distribution lists was causing loops;

November 14 2007, v1.0.3.9

Mail Server

  • Fixed several minor bugs with handling certain IMAP commands;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem when editing distribution lists from the domain admin section

September 28 2007, v1.0.3.8

Mail Server

  • Fixed a bug - there was a problem with sending autoresponders, and email messages, which were not ending with a CR/LF combination;
  • In some cases, UID of messages were not being updated, which was causing the server to return same message body over and over again;

September 24 2007, v1.0.3.7

Mail Server

  • Fixed a bug - binding outgoing SMTP connections with a specific IP address was not working correctly;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem with folder names, containing high ASCII characters, which were created using IMAP. Their names were not showing correctly on the web interface;
  • Fixed a problem with editing distribution lists from domain group administration.

September 04 2007, v1.0.3.6

Mail Server

  • Fixed IMAP problem when accessing certain accounts via Firefox, the server was wrong header information;
  • Fixed a problem with decoding messages, which did not have charset specified: in earlier versions the server was assuming "us-ascii" charset, now it will assume the default encoding of computer where it is running;
  • Fixed a problem with synchronizing with the database when catch-all account was deleted - was causing "Object reference..." errors.

Web Interface

  • When using "trash" folder, confirmation message when deleting (moving messages to trash) will be no longer displayed

August 10 2007, v1.0.3.5

Mail Server

  • Blank messages will be rejected;

Web Interface

  • Added "Reply to All" button;
  • Fixed a bug - editing distribution lists from the server, or group administration was not working properly;

July 19 2007, v1.0.3.4

Mail Server

  • When bouncing, if original message size exceeds 5 MB, then it will be not included in the bounced message - large messages appear to be resource consuming, and not including the originals into the bounce will reduce the load;

Web Interface

  • Fixed certain problems when displaying messages with attachments, especially, with attachments with a text/* contact type, and attachments with file names containing encoded characters;
  • Fixed a bug - when sending mail to multiple recipients, only a "colon" (;) character was not working as a separator (only "comma" (,)) was working;

July 02 2007, v1.0.3.3

  • Fixed a problem with quotes from v1.0.3.2;
  • Current usage of domain groups will be displayed when editing the domain group;

June 29 2007, v1.0.3.2

Mail Server

  • Now users can exclude themselves from certain security filters in the server;
  • Domain groups now can have a limit of the number of user accounts and distribution lists, also, allocated disk space;

Web Interface

  • Enabled web access to features, implemented in this version of mail server (see above);
  • Fixed a bug with handling certain kind of multipart/related MIME messages;
  • Fixed a problem with Firefox: hitting the ENTER key on the Compose Mail page was sending mail, rather then inserting new line;

June 18 2007, v1.0.3.1

Important to upgrade, if you are using

  • Fixed serious bug, introduced in - mail was not getting delivered, if a domain group did not contain "broadcast" account - apologies to all for all the trouble...

June 15 2007, v1.0.3.0

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with GeoIP - comma separated lists were not working properly;
  • Optimized broadcast accounts and Max Allowed Message Size settings, were working only whem message was being delivered via SMTP

Web Interface

  • Encoding and charset of sent messages was incorrect, when messages contained attachments;
  • Broadcast accounts were not working, when mail was sent via the web interface;
  • Maximum allowed message size was not working, when mail was sent vie the web interface;

June 09 2007, v1.0.2.9

Mail Server

  • Added "broadcast" accounts to domain groups;
  • Added the size limit for messages, transmitted thourgh the server (Options - General);
  • Fixed a bug with deleting DNSBL entries on the Security - DNSBL box

Web Interface

  • Made changes to reflect broadcast accounts, and max message size (see Mail Server section above);

June 04 2007, v1.0.2.8

Mail Server

  • Solved problem with moving messages into the "lower level" subfolders in IMAP;

Web Interface

  • Fixed a problem, when the web interface was showing folders of different users;
  • Deleting attachments from the list of attachments was not working properly, if the list contained more than 2 items;

May 27 2007, v1.0.2.7

Mail Server

  • Each user now has an option to "opt-out" from greylisting;
  • Greylisting now allows exceptions - if mail comes from a certain domain or email address, it will be not greylisted;

Web Interface

  • Added "Domain Group" administration;

May 18 2007, v1.0.2.6

Mail Server

  • Added Greylisting;
  • Fixed a bug - some user web interface settings on the user editor window were not getting updated
  • Log files can be moved to another location, to do it, please modify the registry setting at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ArGoSoft\ArGoSoftMailServer.NET\Settings\Log Path\
  • Fixed a bug with "Valid Recipients" in mailbags: only full email addresses were recognized.
  • Fixed a bug with SMTP authentication, was not working, when a specific (not POP3/IMAP) username/password combinations were active.

Web Interface

  • Added Greylisting to the server administration pages (see above);

May 07 2007, v1.0.2.5

  • Added Search feature to the log viewer;
  • Now it is impossible to launch the second instance of mail server controller application;
  • Setup will create icons not only on the desktop, but also in the start menu;

April 29 2007, v1.0.2.4

Mail Server

  • Fixed a problem with POP3 TOP command;
  • Added Server Administrator option to each user, if enabled, allows the user to administer the server via web interface. Domain Group Administration option is not enabled at this point;

Web Interface

  • Added server administration via Web interface. Edit the user, and check Server Administrator box on the Web Interface tab, then access an account via web interface and use Server Administration link in the top left corner.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying messages with text attechments;

April 20 2007, v1.0.2.3

Mail Server

  • DNSBL lookup, and address verification no is no longer performed when connection is trusted;
  • Fixed a problem with GeoIP country list, was causing confusion, when the list contained spaces in front of country two letter codes;
  • Improved exception handling, when generating bounced messages;

Web Interface

  • Added a DefaultDomain application setting, which allows to append a fixed domain name to the user name while logging in. See FAQ for more.

April 16 2007, v1.0.2.2

  • Added "colour coding" to logs - each connection gets it's own colour in the "live log", same can be applied to logs in the log viewer. It makes reading of logs much easier;
  • Added GeoIP. Now server can be configured so that it either rejects mail from certain countries, or accepts mail ONLY from certain countries

April 12 2007, v1.0.2.1

  • Solved the problem with DNS lookups. DNS timeouts could cause the service to stop;
  • Included 2 command line utilities for data backup and data restore - DataBackup.exe and DataRestore.exe (no documentation yet, but they are pretty easy to use);
  • Received header, appended by the server, now will include the version number;
  • Fixed some problems with accessing IMAP using Outlook and Outlook Express, certain misformatted messages were not displayed in the clients;

April 07 2007, v1.0.2.0

  • Fixed a problem with importing domains with long names (it turned out, it was fixed only partially in;
  • Fixed a problem with POP3, when commands sent by a client contained trailing spaces;
  • Fixed a problem with local delivery, when IMAP was disabled
  • Corrected "UID of message changed..." errors when using IMAP via Outlook

April 04 2007, v1.0.1.9

Mail Server

  • During the installation, users will get a choice which instance of SQL server to use (if there are more than one instances of SQL server installed). IMPORTANT if you are upgrading, please make sure to select an instance which you are already using with the server. If you want to change it and move to another instance, contact us for detailed instructions;
  • Added and option to use "Junk Folder" when there is a match with individual filters;
  • Added "Do not reply to the same sender for XX hours" to autoresponders;

Web Interface

  • Added and option to use "Junk Folder" when there is a match with individual filters;
  • Added "Do not reply to the same sender for XX hours" to autoresponders;

April 02 2007, v1.0.1.8

  • Added caching of MX and TXT records;
  • Increased the maximum size of domain group names from 32 to 128;

March 30 2007, v1.0.1.7

Added Distribution Lists.

March 29 2007, v1.0.1.6

Added individual (user based) text and attachment filters to both mail server and web interface;

March 26 2007, v1.0.1.5

  • Import from Pro process is now perfomed as a separate thread, and the mail server UI no longer appears as if it "freezes";
  • Fixed a bug when importing not-default domains from Pro, after creating a group, main domain name was not being added

March 25 2007, v1.0.1.4

Mail Server

  • When creating new users, belonging to non - _Default domain group, New User box was still chosing _Default;
  • Moved certain startup tasks, which were performed in the mail server modules, into the Installer

Web Interface

  • Now users can log in using username@domaingrouopname syntax. This login method is not recommended, but it will work;

March 24 2007, v1.0.1.3

  • Fixed sorting on the Outbox Tab;
  • Added a button to view the content of outbox items on the Outbox Tab;
  • Database now is created and attached during the setup, not when the mail server UI is run;
  • After the full uninstall, database is now properly dropped and deleted. 

March 24 2007, v1.0.1.2

The installer now will detect whether the computer is running SQL Server Express, or SQL Server 2005, and use an approrpiate service dependency and connection string;

March 22 2007, v1.0.1.1

Mail Server

  • Fixed an error when creating domain groups;
  • SMTP timeout now works with conversations with exchangers too, the way it works with incoming SMTP connections. It will eliminate "stuck" outgoing connections;

Web Interface

No changes

March 21 2007, v1.0.1.0

Released a first non-beta version. Registration is now available. Certain changes, mostly related to improve the stability of server.

March 05 2007, v1.0.0.19

Mail Server:

  • All database calls are now thread-safe, it will increase stability of server;
  • Added an option to specify a timeout during SMTP and POP3 connections (Options - General);
  • Expired records for autolockout database, and cached address verification resutls databases now will be removed automatically at server startup
  • Address verification moved after other validation methods (SPF, DNSBL etc). It is more resource consuming, and now will be executed only if other, faster validation methods not fail

Web Interface:

  • When replying and forwarding messages, encoding and charset of original messages will be used, rather then those from user settings;
  • Fixed some problems with displaying complex email messages;
  • Fixed a bug with an option to add the user to contacts after sending an email.

February 26 2007, v1.0.0.18

Mail Server:

  • Fixed a bug with address verification with servers - it was not working when addresses were not valid;
  • Now Import from Pro feature will handle folder names, containing high ASCII characters, also, export will include addressbook of Pro version. Data must be imported from Pro v PR 3 or higher;

Web Interface:

  • Added Contacts;

February 23 2007, beta

Mail Server:

Fixed a problem with mixing up principal user/aliased user icons.

Web Interface:

Next Message - Previous Message links replaced by images;

February 21 2007, beta

There are no changes in the web interface. Updated only the Import from Pro Version function in the mail server UI. Now it can handle names with high ASCII characters. Make sure to create an appropriate export data from the mail server Pro v1.8.9.0 Pre-release 2 or later;

February 20 2007, beta

Mail Server:

  • Improved the log file handling. Critical operations now are locked using mutexes, rather then local objects. It should eliminate situations, when mail server was stopping after viewing the log file using the View Log feature;
  • Fixed a bug - was not allowing aliases in mailbags;
  • Added pages to the help file;

Web Interface:

  • Improved text wrapping, when displaying plain-text messages;
  • When displaying HTML messages in the IFrame, links will open in the new window, rather then inside of IFrame;

February 19 2007, beta

Mail Server:

  • Now you can specify default settings for users and mailbags. The settings will be used when creating new user or mailbag;
  • Fixed a bug, introduced in the previous version - icons of aliases and principal users were the same...

Web Interface:

No Changes

February 19 2007, beta

Mail Server:

  • Added IP Binding, similar to IP homes in Pro version - you have a choice to run the server either on one or all available IP addresses, also bind outgoing connections to a fixed IP address;
  • Added catch-all accounts. Each domain group can have one catch-all account (accessible from new domain group edit dialog);
  • Fixed a problem with infinite loops with local delivery, when mesage subject or from address was very long;
  • Changed the way how domain names of senders are validated. If domain name does not have A record, it will still considered valid;
  • Added an option for importing user accounts and their email from Pro version (Data must be imported from Pro v PR 1, or later);

Web Interface

  • Fixed problems with loading certain misformatted email messages;
  • Added the mechanims of automatically clean the Trash folder, when user logs in, from the Trash folder automatically will be removed messages older than 3 days;

February 10 2007, beta

  • Added the trial validation mechanism - server will be activated when first runs, and expire after 30 days (it means, now it expires not on March 1, but 30 days after this version first runs);
  • Added web interface-related options at User Settings

February 05 2007, v1.0.0.10 beta

  • Considerably increased the speed of IMAP. Now it takes only seconds to refresh folders with thousands of messages: no real need to keep the number of messages in your inbox small;
  • Added reindexing of mailboxes at Mailbox Viewer;

February 02 2007, v1.0.0.9 beta

  • Fixed a bug - the program was not creating _Users\_Default folder at startup, and it was making impossible to create users;
  • Added "Fix Outbox" button to the Outbox toolbar - will remove "orphan" outbox files, and database entries;
  • Posted instructions about installing the server on Windows Vista.

January 26 2007, v1.0.0.8 beta

  • Fixed a problem with copying messages between folders on the same account; Duplicate messages were causing error, now duplicate messages are ignored;
  • Added an option to hide passwords in logs (Options - General - Hide Passwords in Logs)

January 22 2007, v1.0.0.7 beta

  • Expirty date for the beta has been extended until March 1 2007;
  • Fixed a security issue with X-Envelope headers (see v1.0.0.6), now X-Envelope headers will be appended only when connection is not trusted (and of course, X-Envelope option is enabled);
  • Fixed problems with error handling when starting up the server, and when connection forcibly closed - now error messages are more informative;
  • Changed service name to ""ArGoSoftMailServerNet", and service display name to "ArGoSoft Mail Server for .NET", so now other versions of our mail server can co-exist with the .NET version (as long as they are running on different ports;

January 21 2007, v1.0.0.6 beta

  • "Dummy" accounts are now working;
  • Added "Whitelists" (but not auto whitelisting, because it is discouraged by email community);
  • Added X-Envelope Headers option at Tools - General options (still will have to work on it for so that it works only for local email, now it works for all messages);
  • Fixed (hopefully) problems with foreign editions windows;

January 20 2007, v1.0.0.5 beta

  • Added Smart Server;
  • Added Filters and Text Filters;
  • Added topics to the help file;

January 18 2007, v1.0.0.4 beta

  • Optimized for speed IMAP CLOSE and EXPUNGE commands;
  • Fixed problems with IMAP COPY command, when copying large number of messages, was generating same UIDLs, and was causing duplicate filename problems;
  • Added more topics to the help file;

January 17 2007, v1.0.0.3 beta

  • Speed of IMAP now is faster: database access was optimized, and data transfer is buffered, when executing time-consuming commands, such as FETCH, with large folders;
  • Fixed a problem with SMTP authentication, it was not working when user name was transmitted as a parameter of AUTH LOGIN command;

January 16 2007, v1.0.0.2 beta

  • Added Mailbox Viewer to the Users page;
  • Fixed a problem with parsing email addresses in IMAP;
  • Added some topics to the help file;

January 12 2007, v1.0.0.1 beta

  • Fixed a problem with autoresponder related fields when creating and editing users;
  • Fixed a problem with adding mailbags - Domain Name field was grayed out when adding mailbags;

January 11 2007, no version number change...

  • Added quickstart help file;
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