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All evaluation versions are fully functional. They are just limited by 30 day evaluation period. .NET v4.5 or later is required.

If you are eligible for free upgrade, follow upgrade instructions.

ProductVersionReleaseDownloadSize (Mb)
ArGoSoft Mail Server, 64-bit1.1.3.0Apr 14 2019MailServerSetup64.msi2.74
ArGoSoft Mail Server, 32-bit1.1.3.0Apr 14 2019MailServerSetup32.msi3.48
ArGoSoft FTP Server, 64-bit1.0.3.0Jun 11 2018FTPServerSetup64.msi2.79
ArGoSoft FTP Server, 32-bit1.0.3.0Jun 11 2018FTPServerSetup32.msi2.79

Here is some live data: 12 users started a 30 day trial of either Mail Server or FTP Server within last 48 hours.

Looking for earlier versions: visit our FTP site.

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