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List of Changes

List of Changes

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We no longer develop this version of mail server. Please consider Mail Server .NET.

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December 03 2008, v1.8.9.6

  • Improved Export to .NET function - sometimes email messages were not getting exported, because the database of email messages was not up to date. Now each folder gets rebuilt before the export function;

April 14 2008, v1.8.9.5

  • Fixed a problem with SPF. When a SPF record contained looping include macro, SPF checking was looping infinitely;

March 27 2008, v1.8.9.4

  • Just removed from the initial settings of DNSBL databases. It appears, recently they return positive reply all the time, causing all mail to bounce, if it is enabled;

October 23 2007, v1.8.9.3

  • Fixed a problem when creating the export data for .NET version: if autoresponder contained more than 255 characters, export process was "hanging";

September 03 2007, v1.8.9.2

  • Fixed problem with IMAP, reporting wrong message numbers;
  • Made changes, fixing certain problems with Squirrel Mail;

Arpil 10 2007, v1.8.9.1

Changes below apply to Pro version only

  • Fixed a problem with including the mailing list names multiple times, when "Include Name of List..." option was enabled;
  • Export to .NET version now will also export subfolders and email messages, contained in them;

March 21 2007, v1.8.9.0

Changes below apply to Pro version only

  • Added the function for exporting the data to the .NET version Must be used with .NET version or higher;
  • Fixed problem with "live logging" on Windows Vista, and when accessing the server via remote desktop on Windows 2000 and Windows 2003;

February 12 2007, v1.8.8.9

Changes below apply to Pro version only

  • Fixed a bug on the Tools - Web Interface box: "Messages per Page" on the "Compact Mode" section was not getting updated properly;
  • Help system converted from WinHelp to HTML help, which means, it will work on Windows Vista;
  • Added Trusted Hosts at Anti Spam - IP Based Filtering. Trusted hosts are similar to Trusted IP Addresses, except, instead of IP addresses you enter domain names, and if the connection originates from an IP address, to which the domain names translated, they are treated as trusted;
  • Access to trusted, banned, disallowed IP addresses, and new trusted hosts lists is more thread safe. It should increase the stability of server;
  • Server now will allow accounts, which contain a quote character in the user name part;
  • Fixed a problem with address book entries containing a double quote character;
  • Mailing lists have a new option - to include mailing list name in the subject line;
  • Mailbags have a new option - rebuild of outbox databases may be disabled at a start up of server. Useful when the mailbag is suspended, with large number of messages in outbox, will improve the startup time of server;
  • Fixed a problem with multi-line mailing list server commands;
  • If DNS Timeout at Tools - Server Options - Advanced 1 is set to 0, the server will no longer use threads when performing DNS lookups, it may fix problems with "Out of Memory" DNS Errors;

August 14 2006, v1.8.8.8

All Versions:

Plus and Pro versions:

  • Smart Serverr setup screen has been moved under Tools - Alternate Delivery;

Pro Version:

  • Improved performance of Lockout Manager and the caching of verified addresses. Before they were handled by the same module, and performance of these two databases was worse;
  • Added the ability to display custom greetings at SMTP connection, which will follow standard current greeting... See Tools - Server Options - Advanced 2;
  • Improved handling of https hyperlinks when showing text/plain messages on the web interface;
  • Fixed a problem with resolving SPF records - if the size of record was more than 255 bytes, it was getting truncated, and SPF was returning wrong result;
  • When replying via the Web Interface, now subject lines are HTML encoded - in earlier versions they were getting truncated if they contained a ", >, < and similar characters.

March 04 2006, v1.8.8.7

All changes apply only to Pro version.

  • Fixed a problem with View Headers link on the web interface, introduced in v1.8.8.6;
  • X-ArGoMail-Authenticated headers now are handled properly. Before they were not removed, or updated, when they were inserted by other instances of server, which was causing problems with anti-spam server extensions;

February 24 2006, v1.8.8.6

  • Fixed important security problems (Pro version only). To upgrade, please follow instructions at the Pro Version Upgrade Page;
  • Fixed problems with help files in Plus and Freeware versions

February 01 2006, v1.8.8.5

  • Fixed a problem with retrieving messages using POP3. Single periods in the message body were not handled properly (Pro version);

January 09 2006, v1.8.8.4

  • Fixed a problem with displaying forwarded messages, when forwarded emails are included as attachments (Web interface of Pro version);
  • Fixed a problem with rendering embeded images, when content type of image is not declared properly (Web interface of all versions);

November 17 2005, v1.8.8.3

Limit of 5 users has been removed in the freeware version.

All other changes apply to Pro version

  • Fixed a problem with displaying messages on the web interface. Wrong messages were displayed when viewing messages in folders, other than Inbox
  • Optimized the way how messages, marked for deletion are purged, when logging out from POP3 server;
  • Fixed a bug with forwarding from the web interface: after forwarding two messages, first one with attachments, second - without, server was adding attachments to second message too;
  • Fixed a problem with "broadcast" accounts - server was delivering duplicates;
  • Web interface now will allow creation of folders containing a space character;
  • Fixed a problem on the Users and Domains dialog box. If Blank Domain did not have accounts, it was showing accounts from the last domain in the list when displaying at startup;
  • Improved charset handling on the web interface:
    • There is no need to specify META content type in HTML headers, as described in the FAQ. Now value from the default charset from Tools - Web Interface will be transmitted with HTTP headers, sent by server;
    • When displaying messages, charset will be picked up, and transmitted with HTTP headers by browser, which means, there will be no need to manually change character set in the web browser; It will work only with messages smaller than 500 Kb;
    • When forwarding or replying to messages, the same character set will be used. Will work with messages, smaller than 500 Kb;
    • IMPORTANT if you are using customized web templates. There is an additional line in templates composemail.html, and m_composemail.html. Make sure to insert the following line:
              <input type="hidden" name="charset" value="##CHARSET##">
      right above the line
      If this line is not inserted, server will be unable to pick up charsets when forwarding and replying.

September 21 2005, v1.8.8.2

All versions:

  • In service (NT/XP/2K/2003) versions of Plus and Pro, Control panel application for controlling the server was replaced by normal windows executable;
  • Web Interface: attachments with content type image/vnd.dwg now will be displayed as links, rather than inline images, which cannot be handled by web browser;

Pro version:

  • Added support to GeoIP. Uses a database from Allows to block connections from different countries;
  • Fixed a bug with deleting mailbag domains from the web interface;
  • Fixed problem with displaying mobile web templates, when accessing URLs, containing keywords, which were used to identify mobile requests (by default, Palm and Pocket PC;
  • Fixed security issues related to event handlers in the email messages, when displaying them on the web interface. Thanks to Mr. Roland Liebl.
  • Enabled the URL, for deleting all messages in the folder: /wipeall?Folder=foldername. If Folder is blank, inbox is assumed. Authentication cookie must present;
  • If file named signat.txt exists in the user folder, it will be appended to all outgoing messages, sent by user;
  • Fixed an error when Autoresponder Timeout for single address was over 24 hours;
  • To Graylists, added an option to change a reply from server, when an IP address is being graylisted;
  • SPF: fixed a bug of handling multiple include mechanisms in a single record;
  • Fixed some minor problems with displaying messages on the web interface;
  • Added a "Default Encoding" option at the Tools - Web Interface. Server was using Quoted-Printable encoding when sending out messages with Chinese and Japanese charsets, which was not decoded properly by clients;

June 13 2005, v1.8.8.1

Freeware version:

  • No longer supports unlimited accounts. Number of maximum accounts is 5. Plus and Pro still support unlimited (as long as your computer can handle them) number of accounts; If you have more than 5 accounts, and want to use freeware version do not upgrade;

All versions:

  • Now "user name" parts of email addresses are case sensitive (may be important only for outgoing mail, when delivering mail to other servers. On our server account names are not case sensitive); Again, this is a change, which does not affect local users.

Pro version:

  • Fixed an Invalid format specifier error, when accessing mailbags from the admin web interface;
  • Added an option to "bind" outgiong connections to specific IP address, if computer has multiple IP addresses;

June 01 2005, v1.8.8.0

One change in Pro version:

  • Fixed Db: Field 'IPADDRESS' not found errors. These errors were caused by problems with converting older existing graylisting databases into the new format, which was implemented in the v1.8.7.9;

May 30 2005, v1.8.7.9

Changes in Plus version:

  • Fixed a bug in distribution lists - if list contained an external email address, with a username part matching with the name of distribution list, server was crashing;
  • If distribution list contained only internal users, it was still treated as the one with external users;

Changes in Pro version:

  • Improved Graylisting. Now graylisting is based only on the IP address of delivering server (addresses of sender and recipent are no longer used), also, if server passes "Graylisting", it's IP address will be no longer tested for specified number of days;
  • Improved Whitelists. There is an option which allows to add addresses, to which user sends mail to, to whitelists automatically; ATTENTION: Web Template Change: There is a change in the whitelists.html web template, caused by this change, added ##ADDRECIPIENTS## macro;
  • Fixed a bug with SPF - records, containing blank data ("v=spf1") were not handled correctly;
  • Fixed a Format '%s' invalid error, when accessing mailbags from /domainadmin URL;
  • Optimized Lockout Manager;
  • Fixed a problem with "Suspend Delivery" option from the web interface;

May 19 2005, v1.8.7.8

Changes apply to Pro version, unless noted otherwise.

  • Fixed some problems, described at - 14221 and - 14161. All versions;
  • Fixed problems with relaying mail existing domains with non-existing mail exchangers (when MX names do not resolve). Server will make only one attempt before mail is bounced, instead of making multiple attempts. All versions;
  • Fixed a problem with saving "No Web Access" field from User Properties box;
  • When replying from the web interface, Reply-To header was not picked up properly, if it contained both name and address;
  • Added the follosing to the RSS feed:
    • ags:replied tag. Returns Unknown, is IMAP is not used, otherwise - YES or NO;
    • URL /rss?folder=inbox&start=0&end=25 will return the information about messages between 0 - 25;
  • Fixed a problem with mailing list server confirmation requests - server was not treating confirmation replies correctly. Bug was introduced in v;
  • SMTP authentication takes over disallowed IP addresses, when mail is sent to mailbag domains;
  • When bouncing mail, bounced message will contain more information about errors;
  • When delivering mail to mailbags, trusted IP addresses now override disallowed IP addresses;
  • Now allowing web administration of "Mailbag" domains, the similar way as normal domains, by accessing /domainadmin URL; Mailbag administrators also can access mailbag outbox.
  • Added an option to update existing outbox messages when changing mailbag relay server or port via web interface;
  • Added WebAdminEnabled and Password properties to Mailbag COM object;
  • Invalid Commands count will be now updated, when sending mail to non-existing mailbag users via SMTP;

April 27 2005, v1.8.7.7

  • Changes in Freeware, Plus and Pro versions:
    • If email message is locked by a antivirus, instead of halting the connection and disconnecting, mail server will send back a error status, as an email message without headers;
    • Fixed a bug introduced in the v1.8.7.6 - an alternate port with "Smart Server" feature was no longer working (syntax;
  • Changes in Pro version:
    • If connection originates from secondary SMTP port, SMTP authentication will be required even for local delivery, as long as SMTP authenitcation is enabled
    • When replying from the web interface, default TO address will be the one specified in the REPLY-TO header of an original message, instead of the value from FROM header;
    • Added options not to allow Web or POP3 access to users;
    • Fixed a problem with email addresses, containing a ' character. There was a problem with storing them into the database of cached address verification results;
    • When sending mail to local recipients from the web interface to domains, aliased to blank domain, addresses of recipients were getting replaced with user names without domain names. Solved in this release;
    • Added ##VIEWHEADERS## macro to the message.html template;
    • Added Add to Addressbook and View Headers string values to messages.ini file. Useful for users who wish to translate the web interface on other languages;
    • Completely removed references to RelayWatcher RBL. Appears, that their server no longer works;
    • Added AllowRSS and DisallowIMAP properties to the User object in the COM library;
    • RECEIVED header now will include the data, transmitted with HELO/EHLO command during the SMTP session;
    • Now RSS allows to retrieve data from folders, other than inbox. URL to be used is;
    • Added ags:UIDL, ags:folder and ags:size data to RSS feeds;
    • Fixed 2 bugs in the RSS output. A © symbol was causing problems in the XML output, also in ags namespace (mail headers): only first "-" symbol in header names was getting replaced by a "_" symbol
    • If the root directory of server contains file named, data from that file will be sent with the RSS output, immediately after the rss version line;

March 29 2005, v1.8.7.6

  • Now users can access their email using RSS readers (News Aggregators). Of course, access is in read-only mode. Readers must support HTTP authentication (Pro version);
  • Fixed a situation, when MX records resolve to multiple IP addresses (All versions);
  • Added an option to allow non-members to post messages to mailing lists (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug in the COM library (mlsrvx.dll) - Mailbox.Add method was not working correctly, also, User.Aliases was not returning correct result (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug with "Trusted Senders" - blank address is no longer allowed (Pro version);

February 11 2005, v1.8.7.5

  • Fixed a bug with a PTR mechanism of SPF (Pro version); If you have SPF enabled, it is important to upgrade;

February 08 2005, v1.8.7.4

  • Fixed Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities, discovered by SIG^2 (All versions);
  • Autoresponder Delay can be larger than 24 hours (Pro and Plus versions);
  • On the Web interface, server will no longer allow to create folder containing invalid characters, and a period (Pro version);
  • Fixed a problem with possible "Endless Loops", when mail was sent from a mailing list server control account of one server to the mailing list server control account of another server (Pro version);
  • Added an option to specify Maximum Allowed Invalid commands on the Tools - Options - Advanced tab. Before the value was hardcoded to 15 (Pro version);
  • Fixed a problem when using non-compact web interface from PDAs: moving messages to folders was not working properly (Pro version);

January 14 2005, v1.8.7.3

  • Fixed a problem with Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP client - large messages were not being sent correctly (Pro version);
  • User quote now can be larger than 100 MB (Pro version);
  • Added Outbox viewer to the Web interface (admin screen, Pro version);
  • Added ETRN function to the Mailbags COM object (Pro version);

January 05 2005, v1.8.7.2

  • Fixed a problem with saving messages to Send Items folder on the web interface, when server extensions were returning 1 (no furhter processing required) (Pro version);
  • Added an option to modify the number of bytes, after which WAP messages will be truncated (Tools - Web Interface) (Pro version);
  • Added ##LASTLOGIN## macro to messagelist.html and m_messagelist.html templates (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug with ETRN command (Pro version);
  • Now users, who are not using PDA can use compact, simplified web interface (an option on the welcome.html template has to be enabled) (Pro version);
  • Add an option to leave handling of multithreading to server extensions, to increase the performance (Tools - Server Extensions) (Pro version)
  • Added adminheader and admin table classes to the stylesheet - which means, admin tables can be customized (Pro version);

December 20 2004, v1.8.7.1

  • Fixed a problem with Previous and Next links on the web interface, when viewing last or first messages in the list (Pro version);
  • Fixed a problem when forwarding messages with text/html content (web interface) - it was impossible to read forwarded email, it was showing as a HTML text in a plain text message. Now these messages will be forwarded as an attachment, as in versions prior of (Pro version);

December 17, 2004, v1.8.7.0

  • Fixed potential security problem - in earlier versions, if email messages contained scripts, they could be executed in browser (all versions);
  • Added "Reply to All" to the web interface (Pro version);
  • Improved forwarding procedure from the web interface - instead of attaching original message as an attachment, now server will attempt to forward actual text;
  • Fixed problems with viewing messages from Web interface - server was displaing wrong messages, when new messages were arriving during the web session. It was particularly noticeable when message sorting was descending (newer messages on top) (Pro version);
  • If web interface is viewed using a PDA/Mobile devices, server will send simplified output (optionally allowing the users to view pages in a normal mode) (Pro version);
  • Optimized the CPU usage when number of mailboxes is high (Pro version);

December 07, 2004, v1.8.6.9

  • Optimized the speed of displaying lists of mesages on the web interface (Pro version, when IMAP is used);
  • Subject lines of Mailing List Server replies now can be changed (Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with handling PTR mechanism of SPF (Pro version);
  • If whiteList replies cannot be delivered, they will not bounce to whitelist recipient (Pro version);
  • Enabled ##SUBJECT##, ##DATE## and ##TIME## macros in Autoresponders (Pro version);
  • Enabled ##REALNAME## macro in the composemail.html template (Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with IMAP Force for Pocket PC by Ruksun Software. (It seems to be only existing IMAP client for Pocket PC) (Applies only to Pro version, and only to IMAP);

November 22, 2004, v1.8.6.8

  • Updated the way how DNS timeouts are handled. DNS timers no longer are used. It should improve the server performance (All versions);
  • Fixed a "bug" with "dummy" accounts - autoresponders and forwarding was not working (Pro version);

November 15, 2004, v1.8.6.7

All changes below apply only to Pro version. There are no changes in the freeware and Plus:

  • Added "GrayLists"
  • Added support for CIDR notations to trusted, banned and disallowed IP addresses;
  • Added an option to disable IMAP access for specific users;
  • DNSBL will be checked before SPF - "spammer" domains can create SPF records, which approve known spammer IP addresses, and bypass DNSBL;
  • Fixed a problem with "unchecked" (inactive) DNSBL entries on the DNSBL dialog - in previous versions - in earlier versions, if DNSBL entries were not active, they were not actually checked, but log was reporting a "pass" result. Now, they are not reported at all;
  • If IP address is "OK" because of POP before SMTP, graylisting, SPF, and address verification will be skipped (the same way as for authenticated, and trusted IP addresses);
  • Fixed a problem with moving up and down DNS RBL database entries on the Anti Spam - DNSBL dialog box - was not keeping checked entries properly;
  • Mailing list subscription requests, processed using HTML formatted messages, should work better;
  • Added checking for valid format of user aliases - was causing problems, if aliases were not formatted properly;
  • Enabled deletion of multple outgoing messages in outbox and mailbag viewers;
  • Added the way of deleting "inactive" accounts (Tools - Utilities - Inactive Accounts);

October 28 2004, v1.8.6.6

Critical Update for Pro version!!!

  • Server could crash, if it was checking misformatted SPF records (ones, which contained recursive "redirect" and "include" mechanisms (Pro version); This problem exists in versions - with enabled SPF

October 21 2004, v1.8.6.5

  • Added an option to have "Dummy" accounts. Can be useful when you want to have Autoresponder Only accounts, ones, which behave exactly as normal accounts, but do not actually keep received mail, ignore all received mail (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug with UID SEARCH command in IMAP. Was giving Closed Dataset error (Pro version);

October 12 2004, v1.8.6.4

  • This version should correctly handle "graylisting" - when address is temporarily rejected, to force the server retry again; This change affects all (freeware, plus, pro) versions;
  • Added warning boxes to the Address Verification dialog (warns if "Assume Address is Invalid if Impossible to verify" box is unchecked), and to Mailing List dialog (warns, if there are no lists, and control account is not [undefined]) (Pro version)

September 27 2004, v1.8.6.3

  • Fixed database viewers for Cached Addresses, Lockout Manager, and MX Cache databases. Databases were working, but viewers were not displaying them (Pro version);

September 24 2004, v1.8.6.2

All changes except of the first point, were made to Pro version.

  • Multipart/alternate messages, which contain only one, text/plain part were not showing correctly on the web interface;
  • Fixed "Delivery Timer" errors;
  • Fixed a bug with a DNSBL dialog box - checkmarks were not working;
  • Fixed a Catastrophic Failure error in the COM library, when accessing the aliases database;
  • Fixed a problem with viewing messages in the mailbag: shortcut and double click was not working;
  • Added "Archiving" of older messages to the Maintenance;

September 09 2004, v1.8.6.1

All changes were made to Pro version, except for the first point below:

  • Fixed a problem with decoding quoted/printable content: was not working properly, if a = sign in the original content was followed by a sequence of letters, representing two-digit hexadecimal number (Fixed in all versions);
  • Removed ORDB and MAPS, and added user-configurable DNS based spam databases; See the list of databases here;
  • Added support for - Sender Policy Framework (SPF);
  • Added Reverse PTR lookup - local delivery will be rejected, if user did not authenticate, and IP address of connecting computer does not have reverse PTR entry (it does not resolve to domain name);
  • Fixed POP UIDL Not Found error, when moving/copying messages between folders (Web Interface) (Pro version);
  • Re-arranged Tools and Security Menus (Pro version);
  • Added a choice to detect DNS servers automatically at server startup (Useful for traveling, Tools - Options - Advanced 2);
  • Added a choice to execute custom command during the maintenance (Tools - Utilities - Maintenance);
  • Added "SMTP Statistics" - simple statistics report, which shows which mechanism caused the mail to bounce. It is very simple statistics report, it just gives a general picture;
  • MX records are cached, according to the TTL values, returned by DNS servers - will reduce the number of requests to DNS servers;
  • If a relay server has changed in the mailbag, user will be prompted whether the change should be applied to existing outbox files (if there are any);
  • Fixed a bug with deleting multiple addressbook entries from the web interface - was deleting wrong entries;
  • During the agressive address verification, if there is a protocol violation when disconnecting from server, the error will be ignored.
  • Fixed a problem with opening messages in the WhiteListQueue folder via the web interface - was trying to open messages in the drafts folder;
  • Added a "Add To WhiteList" link next to the sender name, when viewing messages from the web interface, and current folder is "WhiteListQueue"
  • Added WhiteList object to the COM library;
  • If messages are answered, message list on the Web interface will display an image next to the message in the list. Works only when IMAP is enabled, and an image answered.jpg exists in the images folder;
  • If server has no local domains, but has mailbag domains, when generating a bounced messages, server will append to mailer-daemon firt mailbag domain name;
  • Fixed a problem with an ##SENTITEMS## macro in the composemail.html template - was not working when outgoing message had attachments;
  • Fixed an error on the whitelists administration page (from an /admin URL). Unit of delay time was in hours, not in days;
  • When replying on messages via the web interface, Answered IMAP flag will be set (currently, visible only form IMAP);
  • Added a new option to Mailing Lists: there is a new flag "Replies go to Sender". If this option is selected, then server will not substitute the Reply-To header of message with mailing list server, and replies to messages, sent via a list will go to sender, not to all members of mailing list (Pro version);
  • Added an option to completely disable server administration via web interface;
  • Completely changed the database engine (Switched from BTree filer to MyBase);

June 02 2004, v1.8.6.0

  • Added WhiteLists (Pro version)
  • Updated messages.ini file, so that now it is possible to translate certain messages, mostly, related to folders, which appear on the web interface (Pro version);
  • Added an option to customize bounced messages (Tools - Bounced Messages) (Pro version);
  • Changed handling of "Fatal" SMTP errors. Now SMTP error is considered fatal (there will be no retries) only if exchanger explicitly returned 500 series error (All versions);
  • Added a button to the Security - POP Before SMTP dialog for resetting the database, in case it gets corrupt (Pro version);
  • On the web interface, added a checkbox, which allows the user to specify whether to copy sent messages to the Sent Items folder
  • Fixed the problem with a "Suspend Delivery" option - was not working in the NT version (Pro version);
  • Logging to file, now, by default is ON - was causing confusion for new users (All versions);
  • Added Return-Path headers (will contain an address transmitted with MAIL FROM command, for local delivery only) (Pro version);
  • When sending mail to non-existing local recipient, when postmaster exists, original TO header will be preserved (Pro version);

If you've been using customized web templates, please see Pro Version Upgrade Notes, because there are changes in web templates for Pro version.

April 30 2004, v1.8.5.9

  • Added Notes to each user. They will be displayed on the web interface, on admin screen, when viewing users, if User Details is enabled at Tools - Web Interface (See next item) (Pro version);
  • Display of user details on the admin screen, introduced in, is now optional, and is disabled by default (Tools - Web Interface). The reason - it is slowing down the administration screen, if number of users is large (Pro version);
  • Added ETRN command (rfc 1985) to Pro version. Makes sense, when server has suspended mailbags. After a client issues ETRN domainname command, messages, currently in the mailbag queue will be released and delivered to the mailbag server (Pro version);
  • Fixed the problem with tiff files on the web interface. Apparently, browsers cannot display tif files, if they are specified within IMG tags. Now, server will display tif attachments as links, rather than attempting to display them as inline images (All versions);
  • When adding new users to the blank domain via the web interface and GUI, server will generate return addresses based on the first alias in the list, rather than appending @_nodomain;
  • Changed the way how chunks of IMAP responses are sent. In earlier versions, there was an option (Tools - Options - Advanced - Use IMAP Streams) to send the data either line by line, which was slow, or, as a stream, in one shot, after entire data was ready, which was causing timeouts, if folder had several thousand messages. Now, that option is gone, and data is transmitted in "chunks" of 8192 bytes (Pro version, affects only IMAP);

April 19 2004, v1.8.5.8

  • Added the support for secondary SMTP server. Now SMTP can listen on two ports (25 and 587 by default). Can be enabled from Tools - Options - Ports (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug, when server was still inserting computer name in the received headers, even when local host was specified at Tools - Options - General (Pro version);
  • Added Real Name and Return Address columns to the admin screen, web interface (Pro version);
  • Added a preview option to the outbox and mailbag outbox viewer boxes (Pro version);
  • Log file names in the freeware and Plus, made similar to the those in Pro (2004-04-16.txt, rather than 2004-Apr-16.txt

April 13 2004,

  • Fixed a bug - mail, sent to mailbags via web interface was not going out until restarting the server (Pro version)

April 06 2004,

  • Fixed Error in Delivery Handler: ISAM Error 10220: Key to delete was not found problems (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug, when forwarding was with removing attachments - was sending blank messages (Pro version);
  • Fixed Invalid Outbox File Name errors, after clicking Deliver now button when viewing outbox, or mailbags (Pro version);
  • Updated the way how server resolves retrieved MX records (All versions);

March 22 2004,

  • Further increased the "Thread Safety" of the database engine; It should prevent random ISAM errors appearing in the log (Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with a "Outbox" and "Mailbag" viewers (Pro version);

March 18 2004,

  • Optimized delivery module in all versions;
  • Improved protection of IMAP databases, which was causing sharing violation problems (Pro version);
  • Optimized the checking of attachment filters, now it should be faster, also improved handling of quoted-printable encoded attachments. Before they could cause server crash (Pro version);
  • Fixed a problem with viewing *.eml attachments via the web interface (Pro version). IMPORTANT: there is a new web template rfc822.html, make sure to overwrite your existing web templates, when installing this update, or place rfc822.html (can be downloaded from here) to the webtemplates directory (Pro version);
  • Further optimized the server for larger load; Switched to the newer version of the database engine (Pro version);
  • Fixed the problem related to removing attachments, when mail was sent to multiple recipients, and one of these recipients had an email forwarding with removing attachments enabled (Pro version);
  • Fixed bugs, related to processing server extensions when sending mail via web interface (Pro version);

March 01 2004,

  • Enabled proper handling of server extensions via Web and Wap interface (Pro version);
  • Fixed General ISAM Error. DOS error code: 32 errors. Aliases database was not getting locked properly, which was causing sharing violation errors (Pro version);
  • Added an option to disable "Live" logging onto the console window. Under heavy load, it could cause problems (Pro version);
  • Fixed the problem with endless loops of bounced messages, when return address did not exist on server, and postmaster account was disabled (Pro version);
  • Improved START and END tags in logs, it should simplify the tracking of problems (Pro version);
  • Added "Delete Confirmation" when deleting messages from the list of messages, when using WAP interface (Pro version);
  • Improved WAP interface. When viewing message list, messages can be deleted without opening the message itself (Pro version);
  • Fixed "No Matching Key Found" errors, when accessing folders via web interface, when IMAP database is damaged (Pro version);

February 06 2004,

  • Fixed a serious bug in the mlsrvx.dll COM library - was crashing when calling User.IndexOf method (Pro version);

February 04 2004,

  • Improved handling of corrupted messages (All versions);
  • Fixed the problem with retrieving attachments, with a space in file name, through web interface (All versions);

Jaunary 29 2004,

  • Fixed the problem with adding mailbags. New mailbag icon was disabled, if list of mailbags was empty, and there was no way to add mailbags (Pro version);
  • Fixed "Invalid File Name" problem, when forwarding to mailbag domains (Pro version);
  • Fixed the "Use SIZE Parameter" option. The server was using SIZE parameter, when remote server was not explicitly indicating that it supports it, and it was causig problems with certain servers (Pro version);
  • Added "Use Size Parameter" option to the admin web interface (Pro version);

January 28 2004,

  • Fixed SMTP server reply code numbers, to make them more compatible with standards (all versions);
  • Added the way of clearing cached addresses and lockout manager databases, in case they become corrupt and compacting does not help (Pro version);

January 26 2004,

  • Delete button on the Mailbag viewer box will be disabled, if mailbag is not active. Users were accidentally deleting entire mailbags, when trying to delete separate messages in the mailbag outbox (Pro version);
  • Added support of SIZE parameter with MAIL FROM command. Now, if there are attempts of transmitting large messages, it will be known in advance, that servers do not accept large mails, and there will be no attempts to relay large files. It will reduce the load (Pro version);
  • Fixed the problem with viewing attachments from the web interface, if file names contain foreigh characters (All versions);
  • Fixed the problem with displaying messages on the web interface, when messages contain lines, longer than 512 characters (All versions);
  • Fixed "Select All" problem with Netscape. Will require an update of the web template (Pro version);
  • Perform Maintenace Now code in the NT version moved from control panel application to the service application. Now, maintenace, which was started in the controller, will continue even if you close controller application;
  • Improved viewers of the databases of "Cached Addresses" and "Lockout Manager" (Pro version);
  • Fixed the problem with user aliases - even though aliases were deleted, when removing them from the Aliases box, mail was still going to same accounts (Pro version);
  • Fixed forward checking, from the users properties dialog box (All versions);
  • Now allowing forward to more than 1 address, separated by commas (Pro version);
  • When verifying addresses of senders, and it is a local address, it will be assumed valid, if posmaster account for that domain exists (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug, when /folderdelete URL was deleting user account (Pro version);
  • Now allowing HTML bodies via the web interface. If you have a control, which can generate HTML data, set the value of hidden input HTMLBody in templates draftmail.html and composemail.html to 1 (Pro version, for advanced users only).
  • Extended logging of ProcessFilter and ProcessFilter1 entry points for server extensions (Pro version);
  • Allowing to display count of messages, when showing the list of folders on the web interface (see Tools - Web Interface);

December 18 2003,

  • Fixed Invalid Path Name error, introduced in (Pro version);

December 17 2003,

This is the major update, probably, since introducing IMAP. There is a significant change with the web interface of Pro version, also, we did considerable work with optimizing the server, so, now it should be able to handle more users, more connections.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Beginning from this version, web interface of Pro version is able to handle multiple folders, which means, earlier versions of web templates do NO LONGER work with this version. So, when installing this version, make sure to select to Overwite Web Templates option. This applies only to PRO version.

  • Added support of multiple folders from the web interface. Changes, related to the web interface are very significant (Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with scheduled maintenance: server could crash, if at the moment, when maintenance was starting, there was an active connection. Currently, server will not stop, when maintenance is running, but, users will be getting server is busy message, when attempting to connect to it during the maintenance (Pro version);
  • Verification of sender addresses will be performed after receiving DATA command, not after receiving MAIL FROM command. This will reduce the load the server, and perform address checking, which is resource consuming, only when it is necessary (Pro version);
  • Checking with MAPS, ORDB and RelayWatcher RBL will be performed after receiving DATA command, only once per transmission. Before, testing was performed with each RCPT TO command, which was not efficient (Pro version);
  • Completely disabled IMAP databases, if IMAP is either not registered, or not running (Pro version);
  • Fixed problem with Admin - Admin Options, start in Admin mode option was not getting saved in the registry (Pro version);
  • Fixed attachment upload problems with Netscape (and, possibly, other browsers too) (All versions);
  • Indexing of user aliases now is performed in the database. In earlier versions, when number of users at a particular domain was significant, it was very resource consuming to translate aliases into the real user names (Pro version);
  • Changed the way how accidentally locked mailboxes are getting unlocked (Pro version);

November 03 2003, v1.8.4.5

  • Fixed access violation error, when stopping the service (NT/2k/XP version of Pro);
  • Fixed minor memory leak, which could cause the server to stop after running for long time (All versions);
  • Added verification of forwarded addresses. Now server will check whether forwarded addresses could cause looping problems when specifying Forward Address (All versions);
  • Changed the way how server handles currently active delivery threads, when maintenance is starting(Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with newuserok.html template, was not returning correct HTTP headers (Pro version);

October 27 2003, v1.8.4.4

  • Fixed problem with displaying /addnewuser URL from web interface - was not sending standard HTTP headers (Pro version);
  • Fixed Access Violation and Invalid Pointer operation errors, when processing attachment filters (Pro version);
  • Added automatic Welcome Message, when creating new accounts (Pro version);
  • Added Broadcast account (Pro version);
  • Fixed problems with corrupted Date/Time indexes (Pro version);
  • Delivery attempts will be suspended, if maintanance is running (Pro version);
  • Fixed problem with autoresponders to email addresses, containing underscore character (Pro and Plus versions);
  • Server will no longer deliver mail, if data transmission does not end gracefully, with a period on a single line (All versions);

October 10 2003, v1.8.4.3

  • Fixed "Invalid Class String" error when Paranoid is not installed.

October 09 2003, v1.8.4.2

  • Added SMTP/POP3 Server Timeout option at Tools - Options - General (Pro version).
  • Added two more entry points to server extensions: ProcessFilter1, and ProcessIncoming. They both allow the change of content of message. See help file (Pro version);
  • Updated MailMessage object in mlsrvx.dll. If message body contains at least one character, with ASCII number higher than 127, then body content will be encoded using quoted-printable method (Pro version).
  • Added built-in support to "Paranoid" Spam Detector by Server Side Solutions (Pro version)
  • If local account has no "complex" settings, such as autoresponders, forward addresses, and so on, mail will be delivered immediately to the mailbox, bypassing the outbox of mail server (Pro version);
  • /admin and /domainadmin URLs of Web Interface can be customized. See FAQ (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug with SMTP XFer. Was still looking in the root of mailbox, instead of INBOX (Pro version).
  • Added support of Dynamic DNS (TZO service) (All versions).
  • "Mailbag" domains now allow to specify user names. If mail is sent to the mailbag, and user name does not match with the list, it will be rejected (Pro version);
  • Fixed the security problem - it was possible to crash the server by sending large amount of data (All versions);
  • Fixed problem with deleting outdated log files from Tools - Maintenance. Was deleting only one file (Pro version)
  • Fixed IMAP problems with Eudora (Pro version)
  • Added Trusted "Senders" (Pro version)
  • Fixed problem with picking up headers, displayed on the Web interface, when size of message headers was bigger than 2048 bytes. The buffer increased to 4096 bytes (All versions)

September 14, 2003, v1.8.4.1.

  • Completely removed the expiration error "IMAP Module Expires on September 15" message
  • Fixed problem with decoding of subject lines and names when sending IMAP envelope information. This fix will be important for users, who use non-us characters sets (Pro version);
  • If "multiple access to IMAP folders" is disabled, folder will no longer open in a read-only mode, if connection originates from the same IP address. It should fix Cannot Write in Read-Only fileblock errors when dragging messages to different folders in outlook (Pro version)
  • Added "Removal of Old Log Files" in Maintenance (Pro version)
  • MailBox COM object now can get the information from IMAP folders, and manage them.
  • Added warning messages, when disk quota for mailbox reaches specified percentage, or quote is exceeded. When installing and upgrade, you must allow overwrite of mailing list server messages, or copy two .eml files to \_maillist directory manually.
  • Added editor for "Quota" warning and exceeded messages
  • Fixed problem, when server was not detecting WAP requests, when HTTP request headers were longer than 255 characters
  • Added scheduler to the Maintenance feature.

September 04, 2003, v1.8.4.0

  • Officially Released IMAP module. Registration services have been set up;
  • Fixed database problems, which were showing up during POP3 sessions (Pro version)
  • Added Maintenance feature (Pro version)
  • Added an option not to include original messages in bounced messages (All versions)

August 28, 2003, v1.8.3.9

  • Fixed a problem, caused by deleted .eml files by 3rd party applications (Pro version);
  • Added two additional options to IMAP, which may increase the speed (see last two options in Tools - Options - Advanced tab) (Pro version)
  • Fixed word wrapping problem on the web interface, when plain/text messages contain long lines (all versions)

August 21, 2003, v1.8.3.8

  • Fixed couple of problems with folder listings in IMAP (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug, introduced in - reply from the Web interface was not working (Pro version);
  • Fixed problem with address verification, when address of sender was a distribution list (Pro version);
  • Added an option not to use IMAP (Pro version).

August 19, 2003, v1.8.3.7

  • Added IMAP module (Pro version). For more information, follow this link.
  • Added "Lockout Manager": if server detects suspicious connections, IP address of connecting computer will be "blacklisted" for a specified amount of time, and connections will be not accepted (Pro version).
  • Fixed a problem with POP Before SMTP (Pro version)

June 16, 2003, v1.8.3.6

  • Enabled HTTP 1.1 persistent connections on Web interface. It should reduce the load of server, and make speed up the web interface (Pro version)
  • Now users can specify up to two DNS servers (Pro version only)
  • Enabled forwarding via WAP interface (Pro version)
  • Added one more security feature - Rewerse Lookup Matching. This feature must be used with caution, because it is very strict (Pro version)
  • QUIT commands, sent after DATA command are now handled properly, it should eliminate messages containing only one word QUIT (All versions)
  • Now server performs testing for ORDB, Mail-Abuse and RelayWatcher RBL for "mailbag" domains too (Pro version)
  • Corrected HTTP reply codes (All versions)
  • Corrected problems, related to email addresses containing leading and trailing spaces. Now they are considered as valid (All versions)
  • Fixed a problem when delivering mail to earthlink. Earthlink servers sometimes are reporting, that particular users are "temporarily unavailable"e;. It was confusing the server.

May 26, 2003, v1.8.3.5

  • Fixed a bug with open connections in case of certain type of errors. It was causing Not enough buffer space errors in earlier versions (All versions)
  • Enabled support of RelayWatcher RBL (Pro version)
  • Enahnced the handling of server extensions: if extension returns "2", server will send back 550 reply, and stop processing of that particular message (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug on the Tools - Domain Info dialog box - was not allowing to check more than one domain before closing and reopening the dialog box (Pro version)
  • Added an ability to enable or disable /addnewuser URL (Freeware version)
  • Maximum possible Time Interval on POP before SMTP box increased from 59 to 120 minutes (Pro version)
  • Charset and Encoding for autoresponders and mailing list server messages can be customized (Pro version);
  • Added an option to strip attachments, when forwarding mail to another account (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug with "MailBag" deliveries, when mailbag addresses were in distribution lists

April 11, 2003, v1.8.3.4

  • Fixed bug with mailbags - aliased mailbags were not working (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug on the web interface - if number of messages was less by one the number of messages per page, message list was not showing (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug with mail delivery - if remote server was replying with 5xx message after sending MAIL FROM command, our server was not considering this error fatal, and was still attempting to relay mail (All versions);
  • Removed support of CYBERsitter SpamManager for new users, since it is no longer supported (Pro);

April 07, 2003, v1.8.3.3

  • Increased the speed of base64 encoding and decoding (all versions);
  • Removed the limit on the size of messages, which are going through filters and attachment filters (Pro version);
  • When using attachment filters, there is a choice to either reject messages, or remove attachments (Pro version);
  • When using filters and attachment filters, there is a choice to scan only incoming mail (Pro version);
  • Considerably increased the speed of processing attachment filters (Pro version)
  • Added features for encoding and decoding headers of messages, viewed via Web interface. Useful for foreigh charsets, especially, for two byte charsets, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean (Pro version)
  • Fixed bug, related to CYBERsitter SpamManager - server was deleting messages if SpamManager return value was greater than zero, even if KILLSCORES, specified in SpamManage were greater than a return value (Pro version)

March 14, 2003, v1.8.3.2

  • Fixed bug with processing corrupted MIME messages - was causing high CPU usage, and, possibly, crash (All versions)
  • When receiving large messages, size of which is larger than allowed, 552 Too Much Mail Data reply will be sent only after receiving entire data. Before, we were sending a reply before receiving entire mail, and it was causing confusion of some exchaners (including cases when connection originated from our server, running on another computer) (All versions)
  • Added undocumented feature - users can create a file with the same name as certain domain (e.g., and place the list of mail exchangers there. If file exists, server will get MX records from file, instead of connecting to DNS server (Pro version only)
  • Added the way of switching to the "older methods" of processing attachment filters, and MIME messages via the Web interface, because new method is slower (but, can handle more different kind of complex MIME messages).

March 01, 2003, v1.8.3.1

  • Fixed Access Violation error when sending mail using Web interface of Freeware and Plus were released on March 04 2003

  • In Freeware version - Web interface can be disabled;
  • In Plus version - fixed a bug, disabling of Web interface was not working;

February 28, 2003 v1.8.3.0

  • Fixed problem with delivering multiple copies of messages, when remote exchaner was accepting mail, but was not disconnecting gracefully (All versions);
  • Include X-Envelope Headers option is back (Pro version);
  • Fixed a bug with domain quotas (limits of users, distribution lists and allwed hadr drive usage limits per domain) (Pro version)

February 24, 2003 v1.8.2.9

  • Improved error handling, when complex MIME messages cannot be handled via Web interface;
  • Made changes to work with the latest version of CYBERsitter SpamManager (Pro version)
  • Enabled more option settings for the maximum message size (Pro version)
  • Enabled filters and attachment filters, when maximum message size is unlimited (Pro version)
  • More options can be updated from From /admin page (Web interface, Pro version)

February 18, 2003, v1.8.2.8

  • Fixed bug, introduced in - forwarding was not working when Keep Copies setting was set (Pro version)

February 17, 2003, v1.8.2.7

  • Improved the way how complex MIME messages are displayed on the Web interface (All versions);
  • Improved handling of DNS timeouts (All versions). It should solve problems with stopping the server, when DNS server does not respond in a timely manner;
  • Made changes, to accomodate requirements of CYBERsitter® SpamManager (Pro version).
  • Fixed a bug - when forwarding mail to the addresses at the "MailBag" domain (Pro version)

January 13, 2002, v1.8.2.5

  • Fixed a problem when sending mail to the "Mailbag" domain from web interface

January 10, 2003, v1.8.2.4

  • Added support of "Mailbag" domains (Domain Relay) (Pro version)
  • Fixed Web Interface crashes (Pro and Plus versions)
  • Fixed MailMessage.AsText property getter in MailServerX.dll and mlsrvx.dll (all versions)
  • Added an option to skip the verification of sender's addresses, if connection originates from a "Trusted Address" (Pro version)

November 29, 2002, v1.8.2.3

  • Added NoXMail and Cached Address Verification management to the web admin page (Pro version)
  • Added DisplaySetup entry point support with filter extensions (Pro version)
  • Improved handling of cached verification results (Pro version)
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate log entries (Plus version)
  • Now adding Received header to bounced messages
  • Increased the speed of POP3
  • When relaying, 4xx SMTP errors are no longer considered as fatal SMTP error, and server attempts to retry mail delivery

November 20, 2002, v1.8.2.2

  • Added CYBERsitter® NoxMail support (Pro version);
  • Added Caching of Verification Results, while using Address Verification;
  • Fixed a bug with the administration sceen on the web interface, there was a typo with <textarea> field, which was making impossible to edit certain fields (Pro version);
  • Improved logging with NT/2000/XP versions of Pro and Plus - certain data was not going to the log file;
  • Added AsText property to MailServer automation objects (all versions);

October 16, 2002, v1.8.2.1

  • Fixed security bug: when administering an user from domain web admin screen, it was possible to alter users on other domains (Applies to Pro version only);

October 09, 2002, v1.

  • Added SMTP after POP (Pro version)
  • Added disk quota by domain (Pro version)
  • Web interface now can be disabled (Plus and Pro)
  • Added "counter of unknown commands". If server receives more than 10 "unknown commands" (SMTP or POP), it will automatically disconnect. Useful for handling email clients, which are transmitting the data even if server tells that it will not accept it, and are increasing server load (All versions).
  • Added "closed" mailing lists (Pro version)
  • Added "XP-Style look"

August 28, 2002, v1.8.1.9

  • Fixed problems with autoresponders (errors no 5 and 102) in Plus and Pro versions;
  • Fixed problems with error messages when closing Control Panel application (Plur and Pro versions)

August 23, 2002, v1.8.1.8

  • Improved verification of RCPT TO addresses. Added "agressive" verification, when server actually tries to connect to the sender's domain, and verify whether user exists (Pro version);
  • Added limit of RCPT TO headers, to avoid massive mailings (Pro version);
  • Fixed bug with badlogin.html web template. This template was not used in previous version, even though it was present (Pro version)
  • Added "Banned" IP addresses. If connection is requested from any of banned addresses, on any service, server will immediately disconnect (Pro version);
  • Fixed problem with serving images from customized images folders (see FAQ). Was not serving proper images (Pro version)
  • Fixed bug when sending mail to multiple local recipients from web interface (Pro version)
  • Smart server - now smart server settings (list of domains, for which smart server will be used) will apply also to subdomains (if specified, smart server will be used also for e.g. (Plus and Pro versions)
  • Autoresponders - fixed bug with time delay. Server was sending automatic responses to the same senders even when time delay was specified (Plus and Pro versions)
  • Fixed problem with sending messages to the non-existing local addresses from Web interface, when postmaster account exists;

July 16, 2002, v1.8.1.7

  • Fixed problem with endless loops, when sending message from non-existing local addresses to mailing list control account (Pro Version);
  • Fixed bug with mail transfer via SMTP. Was not deleting original messages, even if Keep Copies option was not checked (Pro Version);
  • Fixed problem with MailMessage.Attachments object in the mlsrvx.dll COM library - was always returning 0 after calling LoadFromFile. Also, MailBox object now will be sorted by time (Pro Version).
  • Fixed bug with LocalDomain and LocalDomains objects in mlsrvx.dll COM library - AllowWebAdmin property was not working (Pro version);

July 03, 2002, v1.8.1.6

  • Fixed security problem with the Webmail Reverse Directory Traversal, discovered by team n. finity (Plus and Pro versions);
  • Fixed bug with bouncing messages when account was forwarded to an non-existing local address. In earlier versions server was not generating bounced messages;
  • Enabled Local Host setting in freeware version;

June 21, 2002, v1.8.1.5

  • Fixed security bug, introduced in - it was possible to access the admin function without knowing password (see Require Password function under Administration menu) - Pro version only
  • Added Hyperlinks when using Web interface - now links in plain messages are clickable (Plus and Pro)

June 20, 2002, v1.8.1.4

  • Fixed bug with Invalid Filename errors, when sending mail to local recipients (introduced in v1.8.1.3, in Pro vesion only)

June 19, 2002, v1.8.1.3

  • Added individual filters to Pro version
  • If message size is unlimited, filters and attachment filters will be now disabled (they were causing problems with large messages)

May 22, 2002, v1.8.1.2

  • Plus and Pro versions now include Web Template Editor
  • Timers, when doing DNS query, can be disabled (Pro version);
  • Corrected reply codes for SMTP server, when processing unimplemented commands, 550 was replaced by 502, and for syntax errors, 550 was replaced by 501, as required by SMTP protocol;
  • Added LastLoginTime and LastLoginProtocol properties to the User object (Automation Objects, Pro version);
  • Server will no longer deliver blank messages - messages without any headers and bodies;
  • Completely switched to the older method of "live logging" in NT versions of Plus and Pro;
  • Fixed problem with truncating names of recipients after the space when sending mail via Web interface (Plus and Pro)
  • Cleaned up HTML content, sent by Web Interface
  • Web Interface will no longer use Font tag, which may not work in the future specifications of HTML. Updated web templates, so that now they use cascaded style sheets.

April 03, 2002, v1.8.1.1

  • Can be switched to the "older" method of "live Logging" in NT versions of Plus and Pro, since new method does not seem to be working with all users, even though it is more optimized;
  • Improved the speed of UIDL, LIST and TOP POP3 commands (all versions);
  • Removed Suspend Delivery button from the toolbar in Win98 versions (freeware, Plus and Pro), but added it to the NT versions, only in File menu, and, now users will see the warning, when enabling Suspend Delivery feature;
  • Added Local Host field on the General tab in the freeware version;

March 27, 2002, v1.8.1.0

  • Major change - controller application (tray icon application) was replaced by control panel application. It will increase the stability of server (NT versions of Plus and Pro)
  • Added scheduling of Mail Transfers to/from backup/primary servers (Pro version)
  • Changed hot icon in freeware, and Win98 versions of Plus and Pro

March 20, 2002, v1.8.0.7

  • Fixed problem with starting and stopping the service via controller application, in NT versions of Plus and Pro;
  • In order to fix the problem, mentioned above, had to remove connections window on the controller application;

March 07, 2002, v1.8.0.6

  • Fixed Access Violation problem, introduced in version This problem was showing up in NT version of Plus and Pro, if server was receiving request larger than 128 characters on single line.

March 06, 2002, v1.8.0.5

  • Added support of ORDB to Pro version
  • Completely changed the way how log in the controller application is updated: now, instead of shared memory, is using named pipes, which seems to be more reliable. Now users should not be getting "dead" connections in connections tab. Applies to NT (Service) versions of Plur and Pro
  • Added softing of IP rules (Trusted addresses, and Disallowed Addresses) in Pro version;
  • Changed New Version Checking - in all versions;
  • Added MailServer Newsgroup menu item in Help menu;
  • Changed an icon - in all versions

February 23, 2002, v1.8.0.4

  • Added Sender Rules (Pro Version)
  • Added Attachment Filters (Pro Version)
  • Fixed and improved MailMessage.SaveToFile and MailMessage.LoadFromFile methods in COM library (All versions)
  • Fixed problem with installer, regarding installing on not-default drives (all versions);

February 06, 2002, v1.8.0.3

  • Fixed high CPU time consumption during DNS queries (all versions)
  • Fixed problem with COM objects with ASP (all versions). Check out ASP Problem for more information;
  • Updated web templates in Plus version - it appears that in the recent installation we accidentaly included couple of templates from Pro version;
  • Fixed problem with deleting messages via Web interface is Plus version;
  • Fixe problems with HTML messages sent via COM objects. It was not HTML, unless message had attachments

January 30, 2002, v1.8.0.1

  • Fixed problem with adding users via Web interface, when user name contained @ symbol (Pro version)
  • Updated setups for freeware and Plus. It will not install, if previous version is still running

January 28, 2002, v1.8.0.0

  • Added the ability to send HTML messages using COM objects (All versions)
  • Fixed problem with - infinite looping
  • Now attachments can be removed via Web interface (Plus and Pro versions)
  • In Pro version, HTTP Authentication login to the Web interface replaced by POST method, as requested by users
  • Filters in Pro version - added the choice to scan message bodies

November 09, 2001, v1.7.0.4

  • Fixed bug with disallowed addresses (Pro version)

October 29, 2001, v1.7.0.3

  • Fixed the problem with adding users via COM library, introduced in previous version (all versions)
  • Fixed bug with updating local domains via Web interface (Pro version)
  • Added MAPS RSS Support (Pro version)
  • Messages storage now can be moved to another location (Pro version, not documented)

October 22, 2001, v1.7.0.2

  • Fixed serious bug with MailServerX.Users automation object in all versions - object was not saving data
  • Updated retries in freeware and Plus versions - in case of Winsock error, server was not doing retry attempts
  • Added MAPS support management to the Web interface (Pro version)
  • Added the management of local domains via the Web interface (Pro version)

October 12, 2001, v1.7.0.1

  • Fixed problem with Trusted addresses in Pro version - was still requiring authentication
  • Fixed bug with MAPS in Pro version
  • Fixed buggy with canceling mail transfer in Pro version
  • Slightly changed WAP interface in Pro version - not Delete and Reply go to Options button

October 10, 2001, v1.7.0.0

  • Added Local Host field (Plus version)
  • Added trusted and disallowed addresses (Pro version)
  • Added MAPS support (Pro version). Check out MAPS Home page for more information.
  • Improved Outbox management in Pro version

September 17, 2001, v1.6.2.4

  • Fixed the problem with POST method on the Web interface (Plus and Pro versions).

September 14, 2001, v1.6.2.3

  • Fixed problems with the delivery of mail to (All versions)
  • Fixed bug with forwarding mail, when mail was not delivered directly (e.g., bounced messages e.t.c (Pro version)
  • Fixed a bug with auto responders, memory of addresses, which already received auto response, was not working (Pro version, but did not exist in Plus)
  • Added a field for defining local domain (Pro version)
  • Added the utility for transferring mail to/from another server (Pro version, not documented

June 06, 2001, v1.6.2.1 (Pro)

  • Fixed problems with forwarding to aliased distribution lists

May 16, 2001, v1.6.2.0

  • Changed the names of log files, now they have format yyyy-mm-dd.txt (Pro version)
  • Changed help file mlsrvx.hlp. In we released wrong version for Pro

May 11, 2001, v1.6.1.9

  • Fixed problem with updating distribution lists via the Web interface (Pro version)
  • Fixed problem with auto responders with blank domains
  • Now removing leading and trailing spaces in received messages via SMTP (all versions)

May 04, 2001, v1.6.1.8

  • Pro version is no longer beta
  • Improved Web Interface (Pro version)
    • Added Web Options dialog box
    • Added address book, forwarding, improved replying
  • Fixed possible loops in Mailing List Server (when mail to control account was coming from control account) (Pro version)
  • Fixed problem with SMTP Authentication. It was not working with specified, not-POP3, username/password combinations (Pro version)
  • Added MailBox COM Object to ActiveX libraries (all versions)
  • Changed approach to distributions lists and mailing lists. Now, if list contains at least one not-local address, server will require SMTP authentication for relay, but, on the other hand, users are free to disable authentication for lists (all versions)

Pro and Plus versions

  • Shared Memory objects, used for data exchange between the Service and Controller, now have all access (applicable only to NT/2000 versions)
  • Added a choice to make filters not case sensitive
  • Trimming of distribution list addresses - before if there were spaces around addresses, it could cause problems
  • If forwarded to non-local address, and relay is off, server will not deliver mail

March 23, 2001, v1.6.1.6

Pro Version Only

  • In new version, it is possible to disable distribution lists from the domain administration web interface, or limit their number
  • Fixed problem with distribution lists in blank domain - were not showing on the Web interface
  • Updated template usersettings.html, was not displaying Enable Auto responder checkbox
  • Fixed problem with aliases when updating users via the Web interface. Before all aliases were getting cleared
  • Checking of mailbox sizes was working only for blank domains. Now it works for all domains
  • Now finger server will work with Default domain, not only with blank domain
  • If default domain is specified, it will be shown in the greeting messages in POP3 and SMTP

March 14, 2001, v1.6.1.4

Pro Version Only

  • Added Lookup Utility (Tools - Lookup)
  • Fixed problem with Web limiting users via Web Domain Administration

March 12, 2001, v1.6.1.3

  • Changed approach to the distribution lists, and infinite loops. It should fix all problems with forwarded local addresses
  • Fixed date/time stamp problems with non-English windows, in Plus version
  • Added WAP interface (Pro version)
  • Fixed unknown user problem when sending mail to distribution lists via the Web Interface (Pro version)
  • Unread messages will be displayed in bold on the Web interface (Pro version)

February 23, 2001, v1.6.1.2

  • Fixed (I hope) problems with local distribution lists with forwarded addresses in Plus version
  • Fixed date/time stamp problems with time separators on non-English windows versions (Pro version)

February 20, 2001, v1.6.1.1

New version of Pro beta has been released

  • Added Server extensions
  • Included MlSrvX.dll ActiveX library into the distribution
  • Added Outbox viewer
  • Added hot keys to the main menu
  • Added sender address verification
  • Added maximum timeout choice for message transfers

February 12, 2001 v1.6.1.0

Applies only to Plus and Freeware Versions

  • Completely changed ActiveX library. Now will work with ASP.

January 31, 2001 v1.6.0.1

Following applies to Plus and Freeware Version

  • Fixed problem with distribution lists, when forwarding
  • Fixed problem with starting up a controller in WinNT/2000 version

January 26, 2001 v1.6.0.0

Following applies to Plus and Freeware versions only

  • Fixed ntdll.dll crashes on WinNT
  • COM objects moved to the separate DLL. Added SendMail object
  • Fixed bug with Attachments directory, with Web Interface
  • Changed internal handling of Distribution lists
  • Added maximum timeout choice for message transfers
  • Added hot keys to menu items

January 13, 2001 v1.5.1.6

  • Fixed bug with the list of emails in the web interface (created in v1.5.1.5) (Pro version only)
  • Fixed problems with logging out in Pro version Web interface

January 12, 2001 v1.5.1.5

  • Fixed problem with ntdll.dll errors in Windows NT (Pro version only)

January 10, 2001 v1.5.1.4

  • Released shareware version of Mail Server Pro

December 27, 2000 v1.5.1.2

All changes below apply to Pro Beta Version

  • Fixed problem with duplicate user names with blank domain, on Web interface and drop down list on Mailing List Server dialog box
  • Improved user interfaces on Mailbox viewer, Mailing List Server dialog box, and SMTP IP Rules box

December 22, 2000 v1.5.1.1

All changes below apply to Pro Beta Version

  • Changed user interface for local domains, users and distribution lists
  • Added Check for New Version menu item
  • Changed handling of mailing lists

December 15, 2000 v1.5.1.0

All changes below apply to Pro Beta version

  • Fixed problem with Mailing List Server - it was not working if mailing list email address was not set up for blank domain
  • Added Mailing List Server administration via the Web Interface
  • Increased control over adding local domains, and selecting Mailing list server control accounts, and mailing list email addresses.

December 13, 2000 v1.5.0.9

All changes below apply to Pro Beta version

  • Fixed problem with mailing list server, when commands are sent using html/text message
  • Fixed problem with addition of new users - was adding inactive users
  • Now server will not allow addition of domains, if they are set up as aliases for different domain

December 12, 2000 v1.5.0.8

  • Released beta Pro version
  • Fixed problem with large attachments in Plus and Pro versions

October 15 2000 v1.4.0.8

  • Fixed Error Creating Mutex problem in NT/2000 version

October 13 2000 v1.4.0.7

  • Improved logging to file. Log file names now will be changed on daily basis. It will prevent their unlimited growth
  • Fixed bug with updating of "Keep Copies" option via the Web interface (Plus version)
  • NT version is more thread safe

August 18 2000 v1.4.0.5

  • Fixed Keep Copies when Forwarding in the freeware version
  • Added List View feature to Users and Distribution List screens
  • SMTP authentication - You can specify a list of IP addresses, which do not require authentication
  • Fixed problem with certain domains, which were returning aliases, along with MX records
  • Fixed problem with dead connections in NT/2000 version
  • Fixed problem with delivering to the list of local users, when list contained a non-existing local user (Plus and NT versions)
  • Mailing Lists have been renamed to Distribution Lists, to avoid confusion with actual Mailing List server add-on, which is coming up soon

July 21 2000 v1.4.0.3

  • Messages will be forwarded only 3 times. It will avoid looping problems, if forwarded addresses point back to original address
  • Autoresponders can be set up so that they will not send automatic responses to the same address for certain amount of time. It also will help to avoid endless loops (Plus and NT versions)
  • Now there is an option to keep original messages in the mailbox, when forwarding
  • Log files in NT version now will include date/time stamps

June 30 2000 v1.4.0.2

  • Fixed List Index Out of Bounds error in NT version
  • Fixed smart server editing from the Web interface (Plus and NT version)
  • Added the ability to disable new account creation from the Web interface (Plus and NT version)

June 28 2000 v1.4.0.1

  • Added Smart Server (Plus version)
  • Fixed Socket operation on non-socket bug, when disabling Finger server (NT/2000 version)
  • Changing ports in NT/2000 version now works
  • Fixed Loading at Startup problem

June 23 2000 v1.4.0.0

  • Fixed bug with filters (Plus version)
  • New users can be added via Web interface (Plus version)
  • Web interface status/error messages can be customized (messages.ini file) (Plus Version)
  • Released Windows NT/2000 version (beta)

June 09 2000 v1.3.0.1

  • Fixed problem with Socket Operation on Non-Socket messages.

May 28 2000 v1.3.0.0

  • Fixed the problem with "looping back". If the domain name pointed back to the server, and it was not in the local domains list, the server would endlessly loop.
  • Added MailServer.Users automation object. Now it is possible to manage users from external applications.
  • Updated the procedure which retrieves local IP addresses at startup of server
  • Fixed problems with POST-ing from Netscape, and timeouts when uploading large files via the Web interface (Plus Version).
  • Users can specify number of delivery attempts and delivery time interval between attempts (Plus Version).
  • Multiple recipients can be specified when using Web interface, also, now users can specify CC and BCC recipients (Plus Version).

May 19 2000 v1.2.1.2

  • Fixed small memory leak (64 bytes, only one)

May 17 2000 v1.2.1.1

  • Fixed web problems with posting, at least for MSIE(Plus version)
  • Fixed the problem of deleting mailing lists from the web interface (Plus version)

May 17 2000 v1.2.1.0

  • Added attachments via Web interface (Plus version)
  • Fixed 'invalid filename' problems with mailing lists when using them via the Web interface, and forwarding (Plus version)
  • Fixed problem with error messages in dialog boxes, when adding e.g. users which already exists, error message was not showing

May 12 2000 v1.2.0.9

  • Fixed duplicate deliveries, and infinite looping with large messages
  • Changed previous instance detection
  • Removed maximum message size (Plus version)
  • Added basic filters (Plus version)

May 08 2000 v1.2.0.8

  • Fixed access violation error

May 08 2000 v1.2.0.7

  • Fixed hanging with heavy load
  • Fixed updating of local domains through the web interface (Plus version)

May 05 2000 v1.2.0.6

  • Fixed bug with auto responders - Invalid filename problem (Plus version)

May 05 2000 v1.2.0.5

  • Improved tracking of activity, kind of replacement of outbox, added led bitmap to the sstatus bar ttask baricon now changes if there is server activity, and sstatus bardisplays more useful information
  • Added Auto Responders (Plus version)

May 03 2000 v1.2.0.4

  • Removed outbox, because it was slowing down everything :-(
  • Fixed problems with delivery
  • Fixed memory leak (another one)
  • Fixed bugs with mailing lists (Plus version)
  • Added the ability to bind to a specific IP address (Plus version)
  • Fixed problem with duplicate messages from Web interface

May 01 2000 v1.2.0.3

  • Added mailing lists (Pro version only)
  • Fixed bug with timeouts

Apr 28 2000 v1.2.0.1

  • Improved delivery mechanism
  • Number of delivery threads can be specified (Plus version only)
  • Improved handling of locked mailboxes
  • Subdomains of specified local domains are also considered as local, to avoid endless loops
  • Options and Users have been added to the tray ppop upmenu

Apr 07 2000 vv1.2.0.1/b>

  • Fixed bug with picking up multiple IP addresses. If local IP address contained 0, the server would crash at startup;
  • Fixed memory leak in message relay;

Apr 05 2000 vv1.2.0.1

  • Added new template for the confirmation of sent mail (Web interface, Plus version)
  • Fixed problem with not-displaying last message from the web interface (Plus version)

Mar 23 2000 vv1.2.0.1

  • Fixed problem with help files
  • Updated incorrect web template for sending mail (Plus version)
  • Ability to disable finger server (Plus version)

Mar 22 2000 vv1.2.0.1

  • Customizable web interface (Plus version)
  • Fixed problem with renaming users

Mar 17 2000 v1.1.3.4

  • If account postmaster exists, then all messages, sent to non- eexistentlocal addresses will be forwarded to him (Plus version)

Mar 15 2000 v1.1.3.3

  • When checking mail using Web Interface, Buttons now appear even if there are no messages (Plus Version)
  • Removed Enable Web Interface button (was doing nothing)

Mar 15 2000 v1.1.3.2

  • Fixed problem with blank From addresses
  • Fixed finger bug
  • Fixed Suspended Delivery

Mar 13 2000 v1.1.3.1

  • Fixed bug with disabled log file access

Mar 13 2000 v1.1.3.0

  • Passwords are stored in the encrypted form
  • program will not crash when sending too much data with SMTP/POP string commands
  • SMTP authentication works with POP3 username/passwords
  • Partially fixed the problem with mailbox locking
  • Program is more thread safe
  • User names with a period (.) inside will not disappear from the user list
  • If message size is more than 5Megs, there will be an error message, instead of crash

Feb 07 2000 v1.1.2.1

  • IP address of DNS server must be specified.
  • Fixed bug with long local domain names

Feb 02 2000 v1.1.1.3

  • you can suspend message delivery
  • you can delete scheduled messages from the queue
  • you can specify non-default ports for SMTP, POP3, and Finger
  • Fixed bugs with SMTP authentication

Jan 31 2000 v1.1.0.2

  • Added SMTP Authentication. Now you can protect your server from unauthorized use
  • Ability to start up the server with Windows

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