Upgrade Instructions

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Before upgrading...

Please check that you are eligible for free upgrade. Check your Support Expires date at Help - Register box in your Server UI.

Current release dates are December 19 2022 for Mail Server, and February 21 2021 for FTP Server.

If the release was built before your support expiry date, you should not encounter any problems.

If your support has expired, but you still install current version, the following will happen:

  • Mail Server will accept connections only on Primary SMTP, so no incoming mail will be lost, while you are working on resolving the issue;
  • FTP Server will not accept any connections.

Resulution: either log in to your account and extend your support, or revert back, download one of the old versions. Make sure that build date is lesser than your support expiry date.

  • Launch the Mail Server or FTP Server Controller (by double clicking an icon on your desktop), stop the server, and exit from it. You do not have to perform this step, but if you do, removal of prevous version will be faster, and you will be not required to restart the computer;
  • Uninstall an existing version of server from System Settings - Add or Remove Programs. During the removal, you will be prompted whether to keep previous settings. Make sure to answer YES.
  • Double click the downloaded installation file and follow prompts. It is important to install the server in the same folder where the previous version was installed;
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